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The Power of 8: Revamping Your Video and Social Media Ads

The Power of 8: Revamping Your Video and Social Media Ads


Ironically they always want to buy the best, the newest, the most economical, the safest, or the brand they are familiar with. However, without advertising, how do they make that decision?


To succeed in reaching today’s consumers, businesses must understand their preferences, find innovative ways to deliver their messages. The key lies in earning the attention and trust of the audience, rather than forcing them to watch ads they have no interest in.

The Power of 8: Revamping Your Video and Social Media Ads


Human creativity, strategic thinking, and the ability to understand emotional nuances are highly valuable in advertising because they involve higher-order cognitive processes that are challenging to replicate artificially. While AI can support and augment these efforts, the human touch remains essential for developing impactful and successful advertising campaigns.

Animation in advertising offers an economical,  creative and engaging approach to capture consumers’ attention in an era where traditional ads are being ignored. With animation, brands can unleash limitless creativity, using visually captivating elements and dynamic storytelling to make their ads memorable and shareable.

The Power of 8: Revamping Your Video and Social Media Ads

Animation’s flexibility allows it to be utilized across various platforms, adapting to different marketing goals and target audiences. It enables brands to maintain consistency in their messaging and aesthetics, reinforcing brand identity.

Through animation, brands can tell compelling stories, bringing abstract concepts to life and forging emotional connections with viewers. Well-crafted animated motion graphic ads or social media posts have a higher chance of being shared on social media, increasing brand exposure.

However, it is crucial to align the animation style and content with the target audience’s preferences to effectively communicate the intended message. 

Animation enables the depiction of intricate medical processes, anatomical structures, and treatment mechanisms that may be difficult to convey through traditional advertising methods.

“The video illustrated that immunohistochemistry testing aims to detect to tne particular type of molecule from the many thousands that are in or on a tumor cell.  Boston Cell Standards created an immunohistochemistry calibration standard (the first) using a cellular surrogate, a cell-sized clear microbead, coated with known concentrations of the same molecule.” – Dr. Steve Bogen Tufts University

Who doesn’t want to watch Gronk or Snoop Dog sell a product with special effects?

The Power of 8

Celebrity endorsements and real people are important in advertising as they bring credibility, attention, emotional connection, and influence to campaigns. Celebrities’ established reputations and fan bases enhance brand perception, while real people provide relatability and authenticity.

Both can capture attention, create positive associations, and evoke emotions. Most importantly, they influence consumer buying behavior by providing cues, social proof, and recommendations. Effective utilization of these endorsers relies on relevance, authenticity, and alignment with the target audience.

Whether you choose live action or animation keep the “Power of 8” in mind when planning to launch your product, promote your brand, or seek investors:

  1. Know your audience: Solve their problems with your product. Use their language and tone.
  2. Write a tight script: Plan your content. Be clear and concise. Avoid jargon and fluff.
  3. Keep it short: 1 to 3 minutes max. Focus on key features and benefits. And also, end with a strong call-to-action.
  4. Use high-quality footage: Choose a great animator or also use a good camera, lighting, tripod, and background.
  5. Get good audio: Hire a narrator. Use a good microphone, avoid noise, and speak clearly. Use music, sound effects, voice-overs, or testimonials.
  6. Pace and tone your video: Make it engaging and dynamic. Also, use quick transitions, cuts, and effects. Match the mood and message of your video.
  7. Use descriptive words, subtitles, and captions: Tell what your product can do. Appeal to senses and emotions. Also, make your video accessible and understandable.
  8. Include a call-to-action: Persuade viewers to take action. Tell them what to do next.

The second power of 8 is knowing an ad or social media experience must be seen 8 times to connect with the target consumer
(stated by Nancy Shrim 30+ years marketing experience)

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