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Pre Production Animation

Pre Production Animation

The Significance of Pre-Production in Animation Studios in Atlanta

Pre Production Animation


Pre-production is of paramount importance in animation studios based in Atlanta. It serves as the foundation for animation projects, profoundly influencing the final video’s quality. This article explores various aspects of pre-production, such as storyboards, character design, animatics, and final rendering. Understanding these elements is essential to ensure a successful animation production.


Planning and Organization Storyboarding is a fundamental component of animation production. It aids in planning and organizing the video by detailing scene sequences and camera shots. Whether hand-drawn or digitally created, storyboards help identify technical requirements like complex camera setups and special effects. Notably, George Miller extensively utilized storyboards in planning the adrenaline-fueled chase sequences in Mad Max: Fury Road. Making adjustments during pre-production proves to be more cost-effective and time-efficient than addressing issues later on.

Character Design:

Bringing Characters to Life Character design plays a pivotal role in animation. Animators must consider both visual appeal and on-screen impact. Through exploring various views and facial features, they breathe life into their characters. The addition of accessories, clothing, and internal conflicts enhances the character’s depth and their journey toward achieving their goals. Adhering to fundamental guidelines ensures a compelling character design.


Issue Identification and Client Feedback Animatics, which are animated storyboards with sound, offer invaluable insights during the pre-production phase. They help identify any issues before proceeding to more time-intensive processes like animation production. Animatics facilitate prompt client feedback, allowing for swift adjustments and preventing costly mistakes down the line. Depending on the production’s budget and requirements, animatics can range from sketchy drawings to fully realized 3D models complete with licensed music and voiceover. This stage plays a crucial role in project management, keeping projects on schedule and satisfying clients’ expectations.

Final Rendering:

Careful Planning for Success Similar to live-action filmmaking, careful planning is crucial for the success of animation projects. Pre-production establishes an overall plan that aligns with the initial client briefs. It sets the tone for the video by determining key visual elements such as style, theme, and message. Additionally, considering the video’s length and compatibility with digital platforms during pre-production saves both time and money. Addressing these details early on proves to be highly beneficial in the long run.


Pre-production holds immense significance in animation studios located in Atlanta. Storyboarding enables effective planning and the identification of technical requirements. Character design brings animated characters to life, ensuring visual appeal and on-screen impact. Animatics assist in issue identification and prompt client feedback, facilitating efficient project management. Careful planning during pre-production establishes the foundation for a successful animation project. By recognizing the importance of pre-production, animation studios in Atlanta can deliver high-quality results efficiently, satisfying both creative teams and clients alike.


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