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Tips For Making A Good Short Film – Austin Visuals

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Tips For Making A Good Short Film – Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Reports

Movies are one of the most powerful forms of communication and entertainment. And for most artists in the animation industry, to be part of a full-length feature blockbuster is a dream come true. However, one of the best way to get a feel of movie-making is to make a short film. The short film format is an extremely powerful way to get a solid idea or story across to the audience, and if done well, can have greater impact than a full-length feature. You’ll be surprised at how many famous directors started their careers by making good short films! All this might sound super exciting and might have you racing to take a go at it. Hold on! Making a good short film can be very challenging and you must keep many things in mind about the process.

Here are a few tips:


Remember, nothing is as important as your idea. The content should be interesting and must be able to hold the attention of the audience. While it’s okay to be inspired by works of others, make sure you have a message or story which is original and refreshing.

The Script

Even if you know you have a great story to tell, its unwise to jump straight into making your film. The smart way is to convert this abstract idea in your head into a workable script. You might be surprised at how your idea evolves and changes during this process – and all for the better! Once you have your first draft, read it back to yourself. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be happy with this first version and would probably need to rework the script until you’re satisfied. A good test at this point would be to ask yourself if you’re still true to the original idea. A good script is half the battle won!

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Choosing The Medium

There are so many ways in which you could make your short film. The options are countless – conventional 2D, Flash, 3D, stop-motion, time-lapse techniquea s, combination of live footage with animation – the list can go on. So which one should you choose for you film?

It’s good to try to visualize how your short film would look as a finished film in some of these mediums. Some ideas or stories are better suited to some mediums than others which makes it difficult for them to create the right story. But in the end, it’s always good to choose to go with a medium you are good and adept at.

The Sound

A good soundtrack or voice-over can be one of the most efficient tools while making a short film. A nice background score can set the correct mood for your short piece to help the story along. If used smartly, music can tell the audience what to think. For example, a dramatic scene in the film can be very beautifully emphasized with correct music used at the perfect moment.  But, be careful. Over-using of sound might make your short film noisy. So, “balance” is the keyword!


Tips For Making A Good Short Film the sound

Tips For Making A Good Short Film the sound

Final Cut – Editing.
It’s not possible to stress enough how important editing is to any film. Good or bad editing can make or break your film. Transitions between shots, if done well, can make the viewers forget that they are watching a film and make the experience far more immersive. On the other hand, bad or choppy editing can constantly distract us from the story. The pace of any scene can also be enhanced with different editing styles. For example, a chase sequence can be made to look more action-packed by choosing a fast, jarring editing technique. Looking at different short films and studying their editing techniques would be a nice way to start polishing your editing skills.

Remember, a short film is, well – SHORT! You don’t have much time; so, you have to use as many tools at hand as possible to get your message across in the most impactful manner. Making a good, memorable short film might not be an easy task, but  experimenting with different ideas and trying to use different tools and techniques is sure to set you on the path to becoming a master story-teller!


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