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Top Video Production Companies in Texas

Top Video Production Companies in Texas

Top 12 Video Production companies in Texas (2023)

There are 100’s of video production companies in Texas if you google it. What if you want to find the best video production company in the Lone Star State to help you solve a complex Video Challenge?

To help you solve this problem, we have compiled a list of the top video production companies in Texas to make it easier for you to search.

Top Video Production Companies in Texas

1. Austin Visuals Productions

Firstly, with offices in Austin, Houston, and Dallas, TX … Austin Visuals Productions has firmly established itself as the premier video production company in Texas. Known for their proficiency in creating compelling business promotional videos, service videos, client testimonial videos, social media videos, and product video production, they also provide top-tier video marketing services. Their diverse clientele includes well-known brands like Warner Bros, Discovery Channel, Cameron LNG, Netflix, Harvard Medical, Smithsonian Institute, University of Texas, and many others.

2. Sparksight

Also, Sparksight, a Texas-based company, specializes in social media videos, testimonial videos, event videos, commercial videos, and animation. Secondly, they deliver comprehensive services, managing every aspect from initial concept to final editing. Some of their previous clients include Planview, Flash Parking, Virgin Pulse, and Dasleyboard.

3. Rooster Teeth Productions

To illustrate, Rooster Teeth Productions, based in Austin, Texas, is known for its unique blend of entertainment and video production services. Thirdly, Pioneers in web-based series, they also create reality TV shows, animation, live-action shorts, and video game development. Also, with a worldwide audience, their content is diverse, engaging, and cutting-edge, making them a popular choice in the video production industry.

4. Horizon Film and Video Productions

Horizon Film and Video Productions, based in Austin, Texas, is the city’s longest-running video production company with 30 years of experience. Similarly, they offer both video editing and production services for promotional, educational, documentary, broadcast, and fitness content. Their client list includes JP Pet, Ree Sports, Emerson Process Management, American Campus, and TMPA.

5. Frame Wave Media

Also based in Austin, Frame Wave Media specializes in commercial videos, training videos, client testimonial videos, educational content, documentaries, and brand story videos. For example, they also provide video marketing services. Their client base includes companies like Nextiva, Netsparker, Celerant, KNIME, Alamo, and Jumo Health.

6. Think Branded Media

Also, Think Branded Media is a prominent Dallas-based video production company. Similarly, their specialties include branded video content, non-profit videos, and healthcare video production. And, over a decade, they have collaborated with companies like Pepsico, Burger King, Hennessy, Aurora, U=Pack, and Commit!

7. VideoEnvy

Meanwhile, VideoEnvy, based in Houston, offers services like corporate videos, broadcast commercials, fundraising videos, promotional videos, instructional or how-to videos, and online videos. Also, they offer comprehensive pre-production and post-production services. Their client list includes Focal Point, Light it Right, Liquid Frameworks, and Bullpen Marketing.

8. Pixel Studio Productions

Also, Pixel Studio Productions, based in Houston, is known for creating corporate videos, commercial videos, Event videos, Testimonial videos, etc. In the same way, their excellence has won them awards such as the A list Winner, Real Estate Beans award, couple’s choice awards, etc.

9. Elephant Productions

And, Elephant Productions, based in Texas, has been a mainstay in the video production business for the last 25 years. They offer services ranging from scriptwriting, concept development, storyboarding, and production to 3D animation motion graphics, editing, color correction, music, sound mixing, and editing.

10. Ultralite Films

Also, Ultralite Films is a top commercial video production company in Texas, specializing in non-fiction, commercial, and branded content. In other words, their team of award-winning directors and content creators focuses on story-driven brand content and has created popular documentaries such as Cowboys, Pedal Sudara, and JBG.

11. Hiatt Films

In addition, Hiatt Films LLC, based in Austin, Texas, offers video and photography production services.

Also, they work with many different people and businesses, from local artists and small companies to big international corporations. And, we help them make many kinds of content like commercials, documentaries, music videos, short films, photos, social media posts, and company videos, not just in our area, but all over the world.

Also, Our team takes immense pride in making content that not only exceeds our clients’ needs but also aids in establishing their brand. We are committed to producing content that truly improves the brand story.

12. Red Productions

And, Red Productions, based in Fort Worth, has made a name for itself in the video production scene through a variety of services including: TV commercials, corporate videos, digital content, and documentaries. They have partnered with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Lastly, Ready to tell your story through compelling video content? In summary, connect with Austin Visuals Productions today. And help us turn your vision into reality. Get in touch now and let’s create something extraordinary together. Contact Austin Visuals Productions 1-512-591-8024 or email us [email protected] to get started telling us about your project today.