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Training video examples

Training video examples

Top 5 Training Video Examples

Training video examples

Your goal when producing training video examples, whether for internal use or wider distribution, should be to deliver the message in an engaging and entertaining manner that resonates with its target audience. Keep these key factors in mind to create engaging training videos.

Attract attention by crafting engaging stories or using appealing animation. Understand your audience and adapting your methods accordingly.

1. Dumb Ways to Die

What started as an entertaining, animated public safety campaign for train platforms has transformed into an immensely popular mobile game: Dumb Ways to Die by Metro Trains of Melbourne Australia has quickly become a worldwide sensation, topping charts worldwide and garnering several awards at Cannes as well as inspiring an entire line of plush toys aimed at children.

This campaign takes an unusual approach to train safety, employing black comedy and an infectious melody to grab viewers’ attention and increase its shareability. Furthermore, it demonstrates the significance of creating cross media productions which engage their target audiences across multiple platforms in a variety of ways.

The app version of this campaign provides an excellent digital training video, designed specifically to work across smart phones. Users must try to save cartoon characters from “dumb deaths”, increasing in difficulty as they play; losing three characters ends the game and they must start again.

2. The Legal Drama

Utilizing humor and video clips to break down complex information is an excellent way to engage employees. BRG’s video personifies cyber threats as mischievous goblins for added charm during training days.

Legal dramas are films that explore complex social issues through drama. Topics often explored by legal dramas include psychology of superior orders (as shown in A Few Good Men), ethics associated with teaching evolution in public schools and civil rights issues.

For your legal drama to succeed, you must begin with a clear and articulate storyline. A brief for your video project can help organize content by setting out who, what, where, when and why before even beginning production on camera – helping ensure all parties involved remain aligned in terms of direction.

3. Gas Pipeline Explosions

Training videos such as HSE Batna’s are essential in providing workers with the knowledge and confidence necessary for responding appropriately when faced with gas pipeline explosions, so workers know what steps to take should a rupture occur. Animation helps viewers respond appropriately in risky situations like these while also explaining potential causes such as corrosion, pressure transients or damaged equipment that could cause such disasters.

If a company wants to train employees on complex topics, animated videos may be the most engaging and effective choice. Their animated nature can keep employees attentive while teaching them essential lessons like this healthcare training video from Nottingham CityCare on how to prepare for power cuts.

Live-action training videos remain popular today, such as this legal drama from Kenra. This video depicts a real-life court case to make workers aware of potential risks involved with their job.

4. Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheets are computer programs used to store and analyze numerical data. Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely-used spreadsheet programs, as it offers many features that make it useful across industries.

Mastering Microsoft Excel is essential for anyone aspiring to work in the tech sector or simply interested in computers – there are hundreds of jobs in the US alone that require Excel knowledge!

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