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Tulsa Animation – Classes, Studios, and Artistry Revealed!

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Hey there! I’m John, a professional animator from Austin Visuals, and I’m excited to take you on a journey into the world of Tulsa animation. Grab your sketchpad or your digital pen because we’re diving deep into the artistry, education, and studios that make Tulsa a bustling hub for animators like you and me.

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Tulsa Animation – Austin Visuals Animation Studios


I’ve been in the animation game for quite a while, and let me tell you, Tulsa has some hidden animation gems that I wish I had known about earlier in my career. Whether you’re just starting or looking to up your animation game, this article is here to guide you.

Tulsa Animation Classes

Let’s start by shining a spotlight on animation classes. You might be wondering, do you really need them? Well, I can tell you firsthand, they can make a world of difference.

Why Animation Classes Matter

When I was starting out, I dabbled with self-learning, but it wasn’t until I enrolled in animation classes that I saw a real transformation in my skills. Structured learning, expert guidance, and hands-on practice can’t be beaten. Trust me, it’s worth it.

I vividly remember my early struggles with character movement and storytelling. Animation classes provided me with the foundational knowledge and practical exercises that allowed me to overcome these hurdles. It’s incredible how much you can learn from experienced instructors and your peers.

Tulsa Tech: A Leading Institution

One standout institution in Tulsa is Tulsa Tech. This colleague actually attended their program, and the skills she gained there have been indispensable. They offer a comprehensive curriculum and a supportive community that’s perfect for budding animators.

Tulsa Tech’s Animation Program

Tulsa Tech’s animation program covers everything from 2D and 3D animation techniques to storytelling and character development. The instructors are passionate about their craft and are dedicated to helping students succeed. It’s a fantastic place to build a solid animation foundation.

Tulsa Arts Academy: Fostering Creativity

I’ve heard great things about the Tulsa Arts Academy too. They’ve got a knack for nurturing creativity, which is what animation is all about, right? Imagine having your creative spark kindled in a place like that!

Tulsa Arts Academy’s Animation Classes

Tulsa Arts Academy’s animation classes not only teach the technical aspects but also encourage students to explore their artistic vision. It’s the perfect environment for those who want to push the boundaries of animation and create truly unique and innovative work.

Animation Studios in Tulsa

Alright, let’s shift gears and talk studios. Tulsa’s animation industry is thriving, and it’s not just about creating cartoons; it’s big business too.

The Thriving Animation Industry

Tulsa’s animation industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. I remember a time when it was much smaller, but now it’s booming, and there are ample opportunities for animators.

The Demand for Animation in Tulsa

The demand for animation in various sectors, including entertainment, advertising, and education, has contributed to the growth of the animation industry in Tulsa. This means more job opportunities and a vibrant community of professionals to collaborate with.

Meet the Pioneers

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some of Tulsa’s animation pioneers. They bring unique styles and perspectives to the table, making the industry here diverse and exciting.

Notable Animation Studios in Tulsa

Tulsa is home to several animation studios that have made a name for themselves nationally and even internationally. These studios have worked on projects ranging from animated TV series to commercials and video games. Collaborating with them has been a rewarding experience that has expanded my horizons as an animator.

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Top Animation Studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

1. Austin Visuals Animation Studios

  • Austin Visuals is a renowned animation studio with a wide range of animation services, including 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, and more. They have a track record of creating engaging and impactful animations.

2. Industrial3D Inc | I3D

  • Industrial3D, also known as I3D, specializes in industrial animation and visualization. They are experts in creating animations for the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

3. Page of Cups Animation

  • Page of Cups Animation is known for its creative and artistic animations. They offer services such as character animation, storytelling, and illustration.

4. IwiOfficial

  • IwiOfficial is an animation studio that focuses on creating captivating 2D and 3D animations for various purposes, including marketing and entertainment.

5. LawFX, a division of Industrial3D

  • LawFX is a division of Industrial3D that specializes in providing legal animations and visualizations for courtroom presentations. They have a strong reputation in the legal industry.

6. Kenning LLC

  • Kenning LLC is an animation studio that excels in producing educational and instructional animations. They have a history of creating animations for various educational institutions and businesses.

7. Grassfire: Productions

  • Grassfire: Productions offers a wide range of video and animation services, including corporate videos, training animations, and promotional videos.

8. Ideaship Studios

  • Ideaship Studios is a creative animation studio that specializes in producing high-quality animated content for marketing, advertising, and entertainment purposes.

9. Steelhouse Productions

  • Steelhouse Productions is a full-service animation and video production company that caters to various industries, including healthcare, technology, and entertainment.

10. Mckissick / Gregory Productions

  • Mckissick / Gregory Productions offers animation and video production services with a focus on delivering compelling visual storytelling.

These animation studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offer a diverse range of services and expertise to cater to different animation needs and industries.

Animation Services for Businesses

Local businesses can also benefit from Tulsa’s animation expertise. It’s not just about entertainment; animation can help boost branding and marketing efforts. I’ve seen firsthand how a well-crafted animation can make a company stand out.

Animation Services in Tulsa

Many businesses in Tulsa recognize the power of animation in conveying their messages effectively. Whether it’s explainer videos, product animations, or interactive content, animation studios in Tulsa offer a range of services that cater to the marketing needs of businesses big and small.

The Artistry of Tulsa Animation

Tulsa Animation animated native

Tulsa Animation – Austin Visuals Animation Studios

Now, let’s talk artistry. Animation is a beautiful blend of technology and creativity, and Tulsa’s got it down pat.

Evolution of Animation in Tulsa

Tulsa’s animation history is fascinating. I’ve delved into the archives, and it’s incredible to see how far animation has come in this city. There’s a rich tapestry of innovation and artistry here.

Historical Development of Animation in Tulsa

From traditional hand-drawn animation to the latest in 3D CGI, Tulsa has witnessed the evolution of animation techniques. The city’s animators have been at the forefront of experimenting with new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in animation.

Behind-the-Scenes of Animation

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite cartoons? I sure did when I was starting out. Animation production is a collaborative effort that involves a range of skills, from storytelling to technical wizardry. Trust me, it’s a fascinating world to explore.

The Animation Production Process in Tulsa

Getting a peek behind the curtain of animation production in Tulsa can be eye-opening. It’s not just about drawing or clicking buttons; it’s about teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, and attention to detail. Learning about the animation pipeline can deepen your appreciation for the art form and help you understand how all the pieces come together to create animated magic.

Comprehensive Animation and Visual Services in Tulsa

Expanding in Tulsa, our animation studio, Austin Visuals, is your go-to destination for a wide array of creative services. Our talented team excels in crafting custom 2D animation, cutting-edge 3D animation, mesmerizing visual effects, captivating videography, dynamic motion graphics, informative medical animation, and much more. We bring a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to every project, making your vision come to life with precision and passion. Explore our services to learn more about what we can offer.

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As we wrap up, I hope this article has given you a taste of the vibrant Tulsa animation scene. Whether you’re looking to hone your skills, join a thriving industry, or simply appreciate the artistry, Tulsa has something to offer every animator.

Remember, I’m just an email or phone call away at [email protected] or (512) 591-8024 if you have any questions or need further insights. Keep animating, keep creating, and keep the magic of Tulsa animation alive!

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