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Animated Branding Videos – A guide about why they are important to your company.


At Austin Visuals animation company, whether we’re creating 2D animation, 3D animation, or motion graphics or virtual reality, we’re going to focus on what makes your product or service better – and ensure that the graphics, tone, and message match your overall brand strategy.

Animated BrandingBob Pittman has run everything from MTV and Nickelodeon to Century 21 and Six Flags. While he was president and COO of AOL--back when that meant something--he said this: “Coca Cola does not win the taste test. Microsoft does not have the best operating system. Brands win.” Microsoft may not have the cache it did back then, but you know what he meant. Some say branding is dead. Don’t believe it. Nothing’s changed. Brands still win.”

animation, marketing, advertisingWhat is a brand?


Your brand is not just your product.  It’s more than your logo, your website, or your name. It the often intangible personality and how every aspect of your marketing comes together to create the image consumers are presented with. From your logo and tone of voice to your website’s structure and appearance, it all plays a part. For example, Sock City has a warm image with an ironic twist.  Their socks are often colorful and humorous as well as warm and long-wearing. This time, the brand personality wasn’t something to monkey around with. We wrapped it all up like this:

2D Custom Animation. Austin Visuals Animation Studio


Managing your brand – animated branding videos

Or, call it protecting your brand.  This is a real challenge in the age of multiple social media platforms.  Not only do you have to target the demographics of the user – which is different on LinkedIn than it is on Twitter, or Facebook than it is on Instagram – you have to watch out for posts from employees or customers that could burst your tactics like an overfilled balloon. Nothing makes a brand manager head for their secret stash of chocolate than to see their conservative, family-oriented brand represented by an employee wearing nothing but a very tight, wet t-shirt blasted all over social media.  


You need a plan for crisis management

It’s a good idea to have a crisis management plan for your brand – just in case something goes very wrong.  Whether it’s product tampering, an accident, an accusation of profiling or any other thing that might wake you in the middle of the night.


Do you need some more specific advice? 

This is just a general blog, no time here to tell you everything we know about branding and brand protection and management.  We think that kind of advice should be given the way our 3D and 2D animation is made – custom.   Our staff has experience working with Revlon, American Airlines, Tylenol, Club Med and other large companies in developing and implementing their brand strategy, tactics, and plans.


If all you need is a great video – well, we’re here for that as well.  Take a look at our work at www.austinvisuals.com or medical3danimationcompany.com .  To get a free branding consultation, email our Creative Director: [email protected].


Written By: Nancy Schirm

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