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Whiteboard animations 2022 (Free/Paid)

2D graphic artist creating a whiteboard animation where the 2D animated character is thinking of what he has to buy and for how long

Whiteboard Animations 2022 – How to Prepare a Storyboard

whiteboard animations

Whiteboard animations 2022 – If you are planning to use whiteboard animations in your presentation, you should know the costs associated with it. You should also prepare a storyboard for it. Here are some tips:

Cost of whiteboard animations

There are many factors that determine the cost of whiteboard animation videos. The size, quality, and time required for a video also affect the cost. While most video production companies charge by the minute, it is possible to find a cheaper solution by outsourcing the work to a third party. The cost per second will be less if the video is longer. In-house designers can create quality whiteboard animation videos as well. These videos are perfect for startups and entrepreneurs with limited budgets.

The cost of whiteboard animations varies from 1,000 to seven thousand dollars. The duration of the video can vary from three minutes to several minutes. While the price per minute will vary, the cost for a one-minute video can range from three to five thousand dollars. Depending on the type of video and how quickly it can be created, the costs will vary dramatically. Ultimately, the decision will depend on whether you need the video for marketing purposes or for the purpose of conversion.

Still A Cheaper Alternative

Compared to live-action animation, whiteboard animation is a cheaper alternative. Since you don’t need to hire actors and pay for location fees, whiteboard animations are less expensive than live-action videos. Whiteboard animation is also easier to edit and the turnaround time is quicker, which helps businesses stay within budget. Whiteboard animations are known for their simple style and clear, simple language. The animation process is simplified, and each story is given individual attention.

The price of whiteboard animations varies depending on the tools and services used to create the video. The more complex the graphics are, the more expensive it is. However, it is worth it to spend a little extra to get a quality product. Typically, the cost of whiteboard animations varies from seven hundred to seven thousand dollars per minute, depending on the quality and complexity. For example, higher-quality whiteboard animations may cost around seven hundred and fifty dollars per minute.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

If you are considering creating whiteboard animation videos yourself, you can do so using a video camera and some editing software. However, this option may not be suitable for all your needs. You might have to hire a professional to complete the task. Likewise, it will be difficult to create a good video if the images and words are not properly drawn. And if you’re worried about cost, you can always invest in software that is flexible and affordable.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use whiteboard animation tool, Adobe Animate CC may be a good choice. This video software is a powerful tool for creating high-quality whiteboard animations. It is result-oriented and has many advantages. It does require patience and technical dexterity to learn the program. Moreover, it has professional-level drawing tools, raster graphics, and video embedding.

Storyboards for whiteboard animations – Whiteboard animations 2022

Whiteboard animations 2022 – While whiteboard animation is relatively new to the video making world, it has many benefits. Creating a storyboard is a great way to plan the flow of a video. Storyboards are visual aids that allow you to plan out the sequence of events as well as the language used to convey the script. You can also use storyboards to make adjustments or improve the final product. By following these tips, you can create your own whiteboard animations that are sure to impress.

A whiteboard storyboard isn’t as prescriptive as a cinematic storyboard. Instead of showing actual images, it often includes a simple statement about the message. You can include text for every script segment. This is an excellent way to convey your message to the artist. Providing a storyboard to your animation team can help your video become more engaging and effective. While it is important to be as specific as possible, there are some ways to make whiteboard storyboards more specific.

Simple or Complex

Whiteboard animations can be simple or complex. There are some basic principles you must follow when creating a storyboard. Although whiteboards are often black and white, they can contain color or characters that look like the audience. You can even use pre-existing images or characters from the whiteboard production software. A whiteboard video maker can help you make a whiteboard animation quickly and cheaply. With a good whiteboard animation maker, you can ensure a professional-looking production for an affordable price.

Record of Success

Whiteboard animations have a proven track record of success. Dropbox, an online file holding service, first introduced a whiteboard animation on its homepage in 2009. The video was immediately successful, and now boasts a viewership of 30,000-plus and thousands of new sign-ups a day. Success in this format is dependent on the script and approach. So, do not hesitate to use it. It will definitely help your business.

The Right Software

When using whiteboard animation software, it is best to choose a program that’s easy to use. Some of the best tools are those that let you drag and drop pre-animated characters onto a canvas. Then, add music and effects. You can share your creations on various social media channels, as well as email subscribers. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you can share your videos!


When making whiteboard animation videos, the script should be very strong. A script should include an introduction, a problem and a solution, and a call-to-action. The video should also address the problems and tasks that your target audience faces every day. If you want to make your videos as attractive as possible, you should make sure you include the most relevant information in your script. You can also include humor in your whiteboard videos.

Including your audience in whiteboard animations

whiteboard animations 2022 – A successful whiteboard animation starts with a strong script. The script should have a compelling introduction, problem to be solved, and call to action. It should also address the needs of your target audience. The goal of a whiteboard animation is to create a powerful visual message that will motivate viewers to take action. Here are some tips to help you create a compelling storyboard. Use your audience’s needs as the basis for your script.

If you’re struggling with a message, try using a whiteboard animation. This unique format allows you to communicate any feeling you wish, and can dramatically increase audience engagement and conversions. Incorporate characters that represent your audience. Developing a buyer persona will help you understand their problems and goals. It will also help you determine how to best communicate those needs through an animation. After all, it’s your audience, after all!

Motivate Your Audience

Whiteboard animations are an excellent way to explain complicated ideas and motivate your audience to take action. They’re quick, easy to understand, and cost almost nothing. Depending on your audience, they can run anywhere from 20 seconds to 4 minutes. By minimizing the amount of time, whiteboard animations can easily go viral. And since their content is simple, they can be shared by many people. It’s also an excellent way to engage your audience, and get your point across in a short time.

Emotional Angles

Another way to get your audience engaged in whiteboard animations is to take an emotional angle. Consider using different colors and backgrounds to engage your audience. A video with a person writing on the whiteboard is more convincing than a video without a human hand. The hand helps to anticipate the information you’re about to reveal. The one-by-one revealing style of whiteboard animations makes it easy for the audience to learn and engage.

Different Styles

Whiteboard animation can be produced in many different styles, from simple black and white to highly complex ones with characters that resemble your audience. There’s no one right way to create whiteboard animation, but there are some common elements to consider. The three elements below are essential in creating a compelling video for your audience. Once you have these elements in mind, you can begin to create a stunning whiteboard animation.


Voiceovers are another important aspect of a whiteboard animation video. It is vital that the voiceover and music are clear and understandable. You can record your voice-over on a microphone using professional recording hardware, such as a Blue Microphones Snowball. Try to avoid multi-syllable words and keep the pace slow, so that your audience can focus on the text while you record the voiceover.

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