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3D Animation Internship

D Animation Internship austinvisuals

Discover the importance of a 3D Animation Internship in building a successful career in the competitive field of animation. An internship not only enhances a resume but also sets candidates apart from others in the competitive field of animation. In this article, we will explore the experiences of CG Spectrum mentor, Spectra, who successfully landed an animation internship and carved out a niche within the industry.

The Role of a 3D Animation Intern

An internship in animation provides a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience by working alongside professional animators. It offers a chance to build an impressive portfolio for future employment. Various types of animation internships exist, each offering distinct learning opportunities and experiences. As a 3D animation intern, you will research different topics and create animations using various software and techniques. Strong communication skills and subject matter knowledge are essential for effectively conveying ideas through animation.

Career Path and Industry Options

3D animation is an increasingly attractive career path for students due to its immense satisfaction. Starting roles in the industry may include positions such as studio runner or junior animator, with progression to inbetweeners and key framers. The hierarchical structure in 3D animation often allows for growth, leading to roles like design manager or art director. Animation interns can find opportunities in a range of industries, including film, TV, gaming, and marketing firms.

Requirements for an Animation Internship

An animation internship serves as an excellent way to break into the competitive industry, honing both artistic and technical skills while assisting in job hunting. Networking with fellow animators can open doors to further opportunities. As an animator, you must possess both the desire and technical ability to create visually appealing images. Clear communication of ideas and the ability to make quick decisions are vital. Having an attractive online portfolio and a well-crafted demo reel showcasing your work, along with detailed roles, increases the chances of getting noticed by hiring managers.

Salary and Remote Internships

As companies transition to digital platforms, there is a growing demand for remote skills. Animation companies, in particular, are seeking workers with expertise in video gaming, advertising, film/television production, and 3D animation. Beginning your animation career with a 3D internship is possible, and such internships can be found through online job websites or applications. While compensation for internships may vary, it is essential to research and determine the preferred form of compensation before applying.

Work Environment and International Students

As a 3D animation intern, you will work within the entertainment industry, including film, television, and video game productions. Although the internship may be hectic at times, it offers excitement and rewards while learning from experienced professionals and building valuable job skills. Meticulous attention to detail is crucial in crafting realistic characters and environments. Therefore, it is advisable to start searching for 3D animation internships early, utilizing social media sites, online platforms, or virtual career fairs. International students should consider participating in multiple internships to gain a competitive edge in the job market. While most internships are unpaid, some offer class credit or stipend payments.



A 3D animation internship provides aspiring animators with an invaluable opportunity to enter the industry, gain experience, and build a strong portfolio. By actively seeking internships, developing technical skills, and networking with professionals, animators can set themselves apart in the competitive field. With the increasing demand for remote skills, remote animation internships have become more accessible. Whether in film, TV, gaming, or marketing, internships allow students to explore various career options and refine their skills. International students can benefit greatly from internships, enhancing their chances of employment in computer animation. Ultimately, an internship is a stepping stone toward a successful career in 3D animation.

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