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3D Rendering And Visualization Service

By November 30, 2011July 26th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
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It can be difficult to find a good 3D Rendering and Visualization Service Company. There are many out there to choose from. There are overseas companies, as well as companies located locally and nationally. With so much choice, how do you choose? Below we will discuss some ways to narrow down your options so you choose the best company for your 3D Rendering and Visualization project.

3d rendering and visualization servicesHow to Choose the best 3D Rendering and Visualization Service Company

  1. Define your scope of work.
    Before deciding which company you want to work with, it’s most important to decide what kind of project you want to produce, why you want to produce it ( what’s the goal, if everything goes well ? ), and define at least in a general way what you want to see.
  2. Find your reference.
    Next, you want to verify if you have access to AutoCAD files or not. Some rendering companies need cad files to create a rendering, other companies can work without them. At for instance, we can work with or without cad files. Just email us [email protected] if you have any questions about this process and we would enjoy the opportunity to answer your questions. Also find any YouTube reference or images of renderings or animation that you like. This is important so you can visually explain to your rendering company what you want to see. These visuals give your team a goal to achieve.
  3. Read Company Reviews. –Let’s face it, there are a lot of rendering companies to choose from. You want to look at each company’s reviews that you’re seriously considering working with. It’s not so much important that they have 100% 5.0 star reviews. Any company that has prefect reviews may be fabricating their look online. It’s important to see multiple reviews, and a consistent star rating average across multiple different review platforms.
  4. Find the most technically capable.
  5. Find a Company that Communicates well and one that feels the best.

Below is an example of one of our 3D Renderings. For more examples, visit

This is a 3D rendering of a hospital cafe, a alternate view of the MD Anderson Cafe located in Houston, TX.


3d rendering hospital

3d rendering hospital


In Conclusion

There are lots of things to consider when you are choosing a 3D Rendering Services Company. Hopefully these tips have been helpful. Remember to consider, next time you need 3d Architectural Renderings, Flythroughs, and 3D Animation. Contact us using this contact form here, email us [email protected] or call us +1-512-591-8024. Let’s take your rendering project to the next level.

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