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By December 5, 2019October 4th, 2021Austin Visuals Blog
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To answer why animation marketing matters and why you and your company should look into working with a custom content provider – like Austin Visuals 3D Studio – we’re going to break it down.


Does it sometimes feel that things are spinning out of control with your marketing budget?

If you feel like you can’t keep up no matter how many times you click, post, respond, swipe, link in, Facebook, tweet, or take an instant to gram – you’re right. This is a visualization of what happens in 1 internet minute:



Millions of Brands are going on Social Media 

Millions of voices, brands, and consumers are all hopping on YouTube at once. They are also on other social media platforms too. How on earth is a marketer ever going to keep up with all this change? How does a marketer stand out in this landscape?  The answer is 3D and 2D Animation content. Why? Because animation has no limits on your content. If you want a unicorn telling people to buy your product, then that is what you can get.


Animation Combines the Best of Storytelling and Content

Storytelling and content in digital marketing is what sets your content apart from other content. You have a limited amount of time to catch the viewers attention, so why not wrapped up in memorable compelling pixels?  You know that unicorn selling your product we talked about before? We can make you one that will dance with your product.  Is a unicorn too cliche for you? Then how about a dragon? The possibilities are endless!



Unique Content

Since all brands are not the same, we know that mythical creatures might not be what your brand is looking for. Working with a team that listens to your inspirations, your goals, and ideas can be the make or break for your company. That is why at Austin Visuals, our Texas-based animators listen to you and work with you to create the perfect content for your company. 



What Works Best? Informational Videos Or Marketing Videos

Sometimes your company might not be in the need for marketing videos that grab the audiences attention right away. Sometimes you just need a video to help further your point. Animation allows even microscopic events to be highlighted. Trying to explain a complicated issue? For some people, they learn through visuals than through speeches. Because of that they could be lost if you do not accommodate for them.


Animation can be informational, like with Austin Video Animation Studio’s top 3D animation being a resource for scientific, medical/surgical, and forensic legal animation.  Since we have been in the healthcare animation business for nearly two decades,we have been an important part of introducing new medical/surgical procedures, devices, and treatments. 


Written By: Nancy Schirm

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