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The Price of Animation


You’re wanting to promote your brand and you’ve started to look at animated videos to help. There are so many questions, what is the animation price, what do I want to show, how long will it take to create the video, and ideas you might have, but one question haunts you: How much?

Often, the first question a customer asks Austin Visuals  is, “How much does it cost to make a 2-minute 3D video?” The answer is never easy and we’ll go over that later. The best way to think about the cost is first deciding your purpose, your product, the project, and the process – and let’s focus on your customers’ wants/needs.

Animation Costs typically depend on:

  • how many assets that have to be built
  • whether or not you have CAD files
  • what you want to animate
  • what the “background” environment is
  • how complex the animation is
  • whether or not you have a script or clear idea of what you want
  • whether we will be localizing languages (e.g. Spanish, French, or any other)
  • how much time do we have to produce the video (most 3D videos take 4-6 weeks for a minute depending on the decision-making process at your end)

A lot of work goes behind a 1 minutes animated video that can cause the animation price to go up.

Most people are unaware of the work that goes behind these short animations. For example, the following video is a 3D animation with a complex environment with different shots and animations. The animators have to create the environment from scratch before thinking about animating the helicopter and moving the camera. The more complex and detailed the project is, the more the animation price will go up.

Houston Oil and Gas 3D Animation | Austin Visuals

Why CREATE is the More Important Question Than Price

Creativity is a better place to start than price because you want your content to reflect your company. It is recommended that you give enough time to create the content rather than have it rushed. If you rush your project with the goal to spend less money, then the content might not be what you want your company to reflect. When it comes to animated content you want the best of the best.

That’s why at Austin Visuals there’s no charge at all for a consultation on your project.

Set aside time for us to talk to you to find out what you want, and what we can contribute to developing what we need.  You can always reach us directly to set up a creative conference at [email protected] and look at our work at www.austinvisuals.com or our medical site https://medical3danimationcompany.com

The videos that deliver real ROI are memorable to your customers and grab the attention at conventions or the wallets of investors by use of compelling short stories.  Often, it’s not what you want to tell them, it’s the experience you want to communicate – which is what information they need to make a decision.


Define a Budget and Let the Company Know

If you have a set budget, the best thing you can do is to tell us how much you have to invest in the video.  Why?  Because we’ll be able to help you use that budget to the best of your advantage.  Austin Visuals 3D Animation Company has been creating custom 3D videos (explainer videos, investor videos, product introduction videos, medical/surgical videos, scientific videos, legal and forensic videos, construction videos, energy and conservation videos and more) for nearly 12 years.  So, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way about how to maximize even the most restrictive budget. Being honest about your budget is never a chance to use as much of your budget as possible, but how to create the best content fro your budget. In other words, getting the best bang for your buck.


Motion Graphics/Video/3D Animation Research Visualization


Can Austin Visuals Create A Video “Like This One?

While looking at one of your competitor’s videos is helpful to Austin Visuals and our US-based expert artists determine what style you are looking for, the best way to go about your project is by determining what you want to sell. We will want to work with you to determine how your 3D video tells (or sells) your story with your branding and your product uniquely.

Part of our creative process of our 3D animation company is helping you identify then visualize these critical elements.  We call this process selling your story or “storyselling”.

  • what makes your product or service better than what your customer is using now
  • what makes your product or service better than a specific competitor
  • why the customer should trust you

So, if you’ve seen something you like we’ll keep that in mind – but out goal is to do everything we can to make your custom 3D solution better than what you showed us!

Or “You Do Not Have A Sample Video That I Want  – CAN YOU DO IT?”

Each of our unique 3D solutions for our customers is custom. You might not see exactly what you want…but that’s a good thing!  We’ve never met a molecule, MOA, bird’s eye video, undersea element, exploded view of a machine or “thing” that is as yet only an idea. There is no medical treatment or pharmaceutical process or building that we could not put into the best 3D video.  


Want proof about how to find the best animation price ?  Take a look at our work www.austinvisuals.com or www.medical3danimation.comOh, and we’re darn good at 2D, Motion Graphics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Live Video, Drone work, and Marketing Consulting.  


Written By: Nancy Schirm

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