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Augmented and virtual reality means business for your business

By August 29, 2018 September 26th, 2018 Austin Visuals' Blog

We’ve talked about Virtual Reality, what is augmented reality and how can we make that work for you?

Unlike virtual reality, which seeks to immerse the user in a completely virtual environment, augmented reality enhances the real world using digitally produced perceptual overlays.

Industries that will be affected by both AR and VR


The $10 trillion global construction industry has been operating with much the same technology for the past century. AR and VR are helping to change that with a variety of applications that allow project managers to track progress and builders to work through jobs and spot time and money drains before the foundation is ever poured.

K-12 Education

Many K-12 programs are finding uses for headsets from Oculus and HTC, as well as cheaper Google Cardboard, such as sending students on virtual field trips, tours of the solar system, and walks through the Jurassic period.


From therapies for those with autism to restoring low vision, virtual reality is being used as an effective teaching and treatment in a wide variety of healthcare applications.

Enterprise Training

Workers in many high-risk fields, such as oil and gas and other utilities and heavy industries, are getting the chance to take their licks in the virtual world as opposed to on the job, where the risk of injury or costly mistakes is far higher.

Real Estate

The real estate industry, which relies so heavily on customers visualizing themselves in a new environment, seems particularly excited about the prospects of AR/VR technology.

Industries that will be most affected by AR


Head-Up Displays (HUDs) were one of the first deployments of AR in the marketplace. HUDs now adorn models from BMW, Volvo, and many other


Headsets still haven’t taken off in a compelling way, which means smartphones will be the AR vehicle of choice for the next few years.

Grocery Shopping

You’re about to be using your phone a lot more to buy food. A company called Dent Reality has been working on an app that allows customers to see real-time information about products in grocery stores. It uses computer vision and in-store tracking to help customers find food that fits their dietary needs.


One of AR’s biggest deployments has been in advertising. It may not be long before every restaurant and shop we walk triggers a floating billboard or a sale offer.

Online Shopping

The Achilles’ heel of online retail has always been the inability to try things on. But what if you could virtually try on clothes before you buy?

Austin Visuals has some special expertise in the online shopping AR marketing arena.

Meet Adam Gravois who heads up Austin Visuals VR production studio, but also made a name for himself in the try on eyewear market. Adam is our chief artistic and production director and lead CG artist who has over 20 years experience creating visual effects, TV commercials, training materials, VR, and other forms of digital magic. Recently he created and implemented the world’s best virtual try-on system for sunglasses and eyeglasses. This solution, now owned by the parent company of Ray-Ban and Oakley, has been honored with a Cannes Lion and a Communication Arts interactive award. Our team has produced over 15,000 pairs of photorealistic eyewear you can try on online. (I’m not sure if what he has on in his picture is a prototype but I kind of hope not.)

Right now Austin Visuals is working on a Houston VR project.  We’re under NDA, but I CAN tell you it involves a trip to the dark side of the moon, Antarctica and 400 powerful pickup trucks.

Which will be bigger, AR, or VR?

VR environments by nature demand a user’s full attention. For many marketers, that’s great news. Isn’t that what we as persuasive communicators strive for? In a noisy crowded world of billions of YouTube uploads, social media clutter and everything else, getting a customer or targeted demographic’s full attention is a dream come true.

AR, on the other hand, has the potential to act as an on-call co-pilot to everyday life, seamlessly integrating into daily real-world interactions. This will become increasingly true with the development of the AR Cloud.

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