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Animated Video Company News : Human Vs US Artists.

By August 14, 2018 September 25th, 2019 Austin Visuals' Blog

Animated Video Company News

Oh hi there. The term “animated video company” kind of gives me the giggles, because if you read “animated video company” just right, it implies that the company itself is animated.

Now, I have to tell the truth, Austin Visuals has many animated conversations about custom 3D and 2D video animation services, VR and AR, animated marketing video production, 3D animated medical device and clinical videos, cartoon animation, and technical video animation… so we qualify as an animated video company but we ourselves are actual human beings.

Look, I’ll prove it:
This is Matt Winters Austin Visuals’ CEO in front of logos of many of the companies we’ve done business with to create animation to sell and promote or explain their products:

animation companies in chicago

And here’s where you can see examples of our work:  www.austinvisuals.com

This is me, Nancy Schirm, Creative Director. I executive produce and write scripts to tell and sell your story to your customers. Sure, when I’m writing I’m often in a fantasy world or deep in thought about explaining an innovative technical or medical device, but mostly I’m a real person who sometimes tells dragons what to do and say.

new york 2d animation studios

This is Ashleigh Cote who keeps track of schedules and heads up our 2D motion image productions:

scientific animation

Here’s one of Ashleigh’s recent motion image productions: (Done almost overnight for a budget so low I don’t even want to tell you.)(Most importantly it’s working GREAT for that client.)

This is Adam Gravois who is our senior 3D and VR specialist. He also won awards for his AR work. So if you’re a retailer or have a retail client looking for “try on” techniques in AR we can do that. And no, those glasses he’s wearing are NOT examples of his work.

3d medical animation

This is Tom Guthery. He has an encyclopedic knowledge about Star Trek which only matters if you want an excellent debate about Spock vs Yoda, but is also an actual person working at Austin Visuals to create 3D medical and technical animation.

2d animation company

You can see more of Austin Visuals’ medical/surgical/clinical/device videos at


There are dozens more human artists at Austin Visuals.  If you want to find the right company to do the right production for the right price contact us today www.austinvisuals.com.

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