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Don’t use whiteboard animations (til you read this)

2D graphic designer on the process of making a storyboard and discussing a couple ways to do it

Whiteboard Animations – How to Create a Successful Storyboard Animation

whiteboard animations

If you are looking for an interesting way to engage your audience, you might want to try whiteboard animations Using this type of animation will allow you to relate to your audience’s emotions and evoke a response in them. Here are some tips to create an effective whiteboard animation:


Storyboards are a visual representation of the script you want your video to tell. They help you communicate what the video should do while giving your client an opportunity to give input. Whiteboard animations are like scripts in that they need to match the language and audio-visual synchronization of the script. They will improve the retention rate and heighten engagement. They will be more effective at promoting your message if you use them correctly.

Whiteboard animations are the most popular type of animated video, and there are many ways to make them. You can even edit them into multiple parts. You can speed up the animation with video editing software and use it to synchronize with your voiceover. If you want to share the video with others, you can upload it to a website. You can also add a custom watermark to your video to differentiate it from others.

Storyboard animations

Whiteboard animation is synonymous with storyboarding art. Whether it’s a movie, TV show, or other media production, storyboards are essential to a successful video. While actors and directors are household names, most of the crew behind these creations remain unrecognizable. Whether it’s a professional or amateur project, the team behind storyboard animation can be a critical component to a video’s success.

The process of making storyboard animations can be done manually or by using a graphics program. Some storyboard animation software offers a pre-designed layout, while others let you customize it. The storyboard can include the audience, props, text, diagrams, and images. You can also record the process on your computer and upload it to YouTube. Depending on the size of your project and how many revisions you need, storyboard animations on a whiteboard can cost anywhere from $2000 to $4500.

Storyboard video maker

There are several advantages of using Storyboard video maker for whiteboard animations. First of all, the cost of making whiteboard videos is very low. The cost is quite reasonable considering that whiteboard animations are very helpful in presenting complex ideas. Apart from that, these animations are also highly effective, as they can be produced for a limited budget. You can also create a whiteboard animation that is easily recognizable, and the quality will remain high.

Second, storyboards are useful in making animated videos. This is because they are visual aids that help filmmakers organize their ideas. For example, they can easily see how each shot ties into the next, giving the viewer an idea of the end product and making any necessary changes. So, why not use this tool for producing a whiteboard animation? Here are some advantages. They will help you make an animated video that will impress your target audience!

Online whiteboard animations maker

When selecting an online whiteboard animation maker, you should choose one that enables you to customize the appearance of your doodle characters. Some whiteboard animation software lets you change the facial expressions of your doodle characters, while others let you import audio files. You can even record a voice-over of your animation if you prefer. Similarly, some whiteboard animation software lets you import your own audio files for narration.

Animiz allows you to choose from dozens of professionally designed templates to start creating your animation. Once you’re finished, you can customize the look and style of your whiteboard video by adding your own images, audio files, and other media files. You can also share your video through social networks if you choose. The free plan is limited to five short videos per month, and your video will feature a watermark. Paid plans start at $39 per month, but come with reduced restrictions.


Whiteboard animation is one of the most popular styles of explainer videos today. It combines words and pictures to convey information more effectively than still images or animated explainer videos. It also has the advantage of being easier to produce compared to other styles of animation, such as stop motion or 3D models. Furthermore, whiteboard animation is cost-effective, and it can help increase clicks and conversions. Here are some of the reasons why whiteboard animations are a popular choice.

Whether you are trying to explain a complex process or a product, whiteboard animations can help. These videos can be used for any industry and for any product or service. Moreover, they can be incorporated into educational programs or corporate presentations due to their visual appeal. If you are on a budget, you should stick to the scope of your project. Otherwise, you will have to pay additional money for extras such as localization and captioning.

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