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Email marketing automation Increasing. Here’s why.

By January 21, 2018 September 10th, 2019 Austin Visuals' Blog

Email marketing automation Increasing. –

Expect the line between marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM to blur as email and automation companies continue to expand their features. A new midfield of marketing technology players will emerge. That is great for marketers. It lowers the barrier to get more advanced functionality and start with smarter marketing.

Email marketing automation Increasing. – Some examples:

Email marketing automation Increasing – VISUAL AUTOMATION WORKFLOW BUILDERS.

Email marketing automation Increasing. – Before long, visual automation workflow builders will be everywhere. All marketers have the ambition to do the kind of campaigns that originated in B2B marketing automation. Small market providers will also have the fancy drag-and-drop visual kind of event triggered email and automations.


It’s crazy if you think about it, but many of the original automation platforms still don’t offer decent email builders, or they can’t handle dynamic email content well. This is bound to change.

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Automated content is a great timesaver for small email programs and a lifesaver for large enterprises who operate at scale. Pull content, products, and information from your site, e-commerce or database and inject them directly into your email. Creating targeted, personalized messages and product recommendations becomes way easier than before.


So next year, expect high-value platforms and sophistication at a more accessible price than we have seen.


So, in 2018, expect high-value platforms and sophistication at a better price than we are used to. Some of this will be driven by acquisitions, but expect most to come from further platform development of brands we already know (and love).

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