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How To Show Your Intelligence Without Coming Across Negatively

At Austin Visuals, we work with a variety of people every day. From our artists to our clients to their audience, we want to show them that we know a thing or two without coming across in the wrong way. For example, we might have some intelligence on what type of short animated video your audience would react to because we have been in the business for two decades. You never want to lose a potential buyer or partnership because you come across as a jerk. So, here are our favorite lessons from different articles.

Ways To Show Case Your Intelligence:

Amp up your people skills.

Having good people skills and being good at controlling and expressing your emotions will help you come off as a natural leader others will trust and respect. Having empathy for others and developing good interpersonal relationships will make you likable, and you’ll come across as more competent. In other words, people with emotional intelligence are often seen as charismatic and bright go-getters.


Make a good first impression.


The fastest and easiest way to come off as intelligent is to make sure you knock ’em dead with your first impression. Be on time and greet the other person with a warm handshake and a winning smile. Present yourself as open, confident, courteous and attentive to those around you. If you make a good first impression, people will automatically assume you’re bright, talented and savvy.


Ask thought-provoking questions.

Asking smart, thoughtful questions allows you to display your knowledge without looking arrogant, and also makes you appear inquisitive and interested in what others have to say. Avoid shallow, face-value comments and ask thought-provoking questions that dig a little deeper, or that seek another viewpoint. You’ll automatically cast yourself as astute and shrewd.


Written by Deep Patel, read the full article here.

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Things That Show People You’re Intelligent, Without You Having to Say It

Spending money wisely.

I’m all for enjoying yourself, but how you spend your money is a very clear reflection of your values as a person.

Who you spend it on.

Where and when.

This can say a lot about you–whether you always realize it or not.

How you invest your time.

The activities you call your own are arguably the most powerful indicator to your priorities as a person.

Do you spend your time working on yourself? Or do you squander it trying to remain distracted from the things that truly matter?

We are all a reflection of how we invest our time.

The foods you eat.

Your body is your temple.

What you eat and how you prioritize taking care of yourself says more about you than you might realize. It shows what matters to you (instant gratification or long-term health). It shows discipline, consistency. And it speaks volumes about the relationship you have with yourself.

You are what you eat.


Your circle of friends.

“You are the reflection of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Who we associate with speaks volumes about our outlook on life, our beliefs, our goals, and what we find most important in life.

If you want to meet the right people, hang around the right people.

And if you want to improve yourself, spend time with people who value self-improvement.


Written by Nicholas Cole, read the full article here

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