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Ways to boost Your Creative Thinking

creative idea Ways to boost Your Creative Thinking

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Ways To Boost Your Creative Thinking

Austin Visuals is a custom 2D and 3D animation studio. Since our projects are unique to our customers we have to come up with new ideas. Because creative thinking is a big part of what we do, we are always trying to find the best ways to boost it. This article, written by Debra Maldonado (full article here) is just one of the many remedies that we’ve found actually helps. Do you have other ideas to help boost creative thinking? Send us an email at [email protected], we would love to learn more!


Allow insights to come to you without forcing them or editing them. Creativity is chaotic, messy and unorganized. After you ask the question, don’t expect an immediate answer. Be patient. This step is about allowing the question to be there without your logical mind trying to capture an answer and packaging it into a neat box. The challenge here is to let go of the control of when the answer or creative solution arises. The more you try to force the answer, the less creative and rigid your mind will become.

This is the most difficult step because it is hard to be patient when you are attached to finding the answer. What helps to cultivate patience is to fall in love with the question itself. To loosen up your creative juices, close your eyes and be the witness as the bubbling up of that unsettled mind sits with the open-ended question.

You will notice after just letting it be chaotic and unorganized without fixing it, the mind starts to calm down and relax into a more open and fluid thought pattern on its own. The question has been planted and the soil is now fertile for inspiration to emerge.


The best creative ideas will come to you indirectly. The answer to your question will arise spontaneously such as seeing a billboard, talking to a person unrelated to your field, when your mind is wandering or daydreaming or even in the form of strange dreams. The bottom line is that the creative answer will find you, you don’t need to grasp so hard for it.

Some amazing inventions came in the form of serendipity, which is an unexpected outcome or “happy accident.” For example, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs created the typeface that all computers use today from taking a calligraphy class in college at a time when he was lost and searching for his purpose in life. Viagra was discovered through research on Heart Disease. Life-saving Penicillin was discovered when mold formed on lab samples while the scientist was away on vacation.

Overall, the only task you have to do is to ask the right question and be open to the answer coming to you in a creative way. The less pressure you put on yourself to be creative, the more innovative you will be. Simply remaining receptive and aware of those happy accidents will give you more ideas to take your business to the next level.


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