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Google Fiber Has Arrived In Austin TX

Google Fiber - Fiber-optic communication

Google Fiber Has Arrived In Austin TX

It looks like the holidays will be coming early this year with the announcement that Google Fiber is coming to Austin TX, home of the South by Southwest Festival, ACL, and many other great events. Austin TX will be the largest city to receive Google’s lightning fast 1-gigabit Internet and TV service. This network will be 100 times faster most individuals typical internet connection speeds. Austin TX is really excited the city was selected by Google for their Fiber program. Google Initially launched Google Fiber in Kansas City, MO last year.


State and local officials agree, faster internet speeds will boost the U.S. economy.¬†FCC chairman Julius Genachowski says, ‚ÄúAmerican economic history teaches a clear lesson about infrastructure. If we build it, innovation will come.‚ÄĚ

Our Team at¬†Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio¬†is very excited that Google Fiber is coming to Austin, TX. Being a 3D Animation Studio in Austin, it’s very important for our¬†techie company to move very large files around quickly. ¬†Many believe that Google Fiber will launch a new wave of startups that will use Austin TX as a central hub for innovation and a base of operations. This perk will make it more attractive for business owners to move their business to this city. At this time Google has announced that it will only be concentrating on delivering Google Fiber to Austin TX and Kansas City so businesses stationed in cities without Fiber may consider a move or a relocation of infrastructure.

Austin a City of Business Innovators

The fact that Google chose Austin as the second city to receive Google Fiber says a lot about the cities innovation factor. Austin already has a vibrant and quickly growing startup ecosystem including over 1500 startup companies, with 88 new companies added just in the month of May (using June 2012 data). Some of the biggest local startups include Dell, Whole Foods, Home Away, and more recently BazaarVoice, Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, SolarWinds, Sparefoot, & UShip.

Here is a quick video Google made Introducing Google Fiber to Austin TX.



The Austin Economy is booming and the combination of state friendly regulations and incentives along with the lower cost of living creates a perfect climate for business innovation.

Google Fiber will help Businesses grow and lower costs

Employees that spend part of their day on the net will become more productive. ¬†Buffering will become never spoken about again and a thing of the past.¬†Zach Richardson, CTO at the¬†Daily Dot,¬†an online publication based in Austin, says, ” For any tech-focused business, recruiting and finding talent is one of the hardest things to do. I regularly look at ways I can squeeze every little bit of productivity out of the already existing team we have. This means eliminating non-break idle time. Fast computers and good tools are a large part it, but one of the main bottlenecks (and hardest to solve) is Internet speed.”



Telecommuting¬†could become the new ‘norm’ in Austin. With so many contract workers around Austin, Faster internet speeds means that video conference calling and online collaboration will be more accessible and more frequently used. Yahoo! be damned, with 1 Gbps Internet speed, telecommuters could be accessed in real time for conferences and so why pay for another office suite? Google Fiber forecasted to be as low as $70/mo., certainly less expensive.


Here is a Video by Google explaining more about what Fiber will be like in Austin TX

What will Google Fiber-Austin cost?

In Kansas City, the Fiber¬†Internet and TV package costs $120 a month¬†with a two-year contract, and those customers can control multiple televisions using the included Google Nexus 7 tablet. Google also offers anInternet-only option for $70 a month¬†and a¬†free Internet service at “today’s average speeds.”¬†The search giant is also providing the service for free to local schools, community centers, government buildings and libraries. Few of the details for Austin‚Äôs service are available now, but they are expected to be similar to those of Kansas City.

When will we get Google Fiber-Austin?

Google says, in the company blog post, that it will begin connecting Austin homes. But keep in mind that it could be take longer than Google anticipates. Putting fiber up on poles requires all kinds of approvals, or at least it did in Kansas City. Eighteen months elapsed between the time K.C. was named the first Google Fiber city and installations began.

If you want to keep abreast of when Google Fiber will be coming to your neighborhood here are a couple of ways:

1. To be updates, visit the Google Fiber Blog and sign up for an RSS Feed. The Kansas and Missouri deadlines are currently posted and Austin deadlines will surely follow.

2. Sign up for the Google Fiber is Coming to Austin newsletter and you will be notified of any news of Google Fiber and when it will be coming to your area. Just input your zip code and your email address.

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To learn more about Google Fiber, We have included an informative video about Google Fiber’s services that was recorded when Google Fiber was launched in Kansas MO. Enjoy