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How Much Does Augmented Reality Cost?

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Augmented Reality Pricing Information

How Much Does Augmented Reality Cost? – Augmented Reality application prices can range from $5,000 to $300,000, or more depending on many variables. Augmented Reality is an advanced step in virtual technology causing it to become the next trend for 2021. It has been used for employee training, marketing campaigns, and as tools to help sales teams boost sales. Because of the new approach in making 3D technology more interactive, AR has become valuable to many companies such as Pfizer, Discovery Channel, Shell Oil, and Procter & Gamble to reduce safety accidents and provide engaging training in the workforce.  To this day many businesses are still wondering how much it costs to develop an AR app. It all depends on the time it takes to create the app and how many features are added.
We will be going over AR development pricing and the causes of costs going up or down.
What is Augmented Reality and its Functions?  
Augmented Reality is a form of technology that allows a 3D model to exist in a real-world space through a digital app. It offers an engaging experience with visual imagery being projected in real-time. For example, AR can serve for training purposes by showing how to perform service maintenance on a piece of equipment by highlighting and naming individual parts. Features like these can avoid confusion in instructions, equipment being mishandled, or someone being injured.
                            How Much Does Augmented Reality Cost?

Augmented Reality Project Planning First Steps

There is a project flow that must be considered before an AR app and the cost can be determined. As we go further into Augmented Reality pricing, we will discuss what affects the cost and how.
  • Scope of Work  – Development begins with knowing the complete planning, budgeting, goals, deliverables, costs, and deadlines of the project with the client.
  • Timespan – The longer it takes to complete a project the more it will cost. Even with a shorter deadline, the cost can increase.
  • Teamwork  – The completion of a project, including the cost, depends on a developer’s geolocation and level of experience.
How Much Does Augmented Reality Cost? – These are some of the main components that need to be considered for the makeup of developing an AR app.
 What’s Included in Creating an AR? 
After planning and estimating a deadline with the cost, developers now need to apply set skills and level of technological experience to create an operating system to add to their app.


Coding and Programming  
AR involves a committed effort from a team to integrate numerous programming and features into an app that can cost a good sum of money. The average amount spent on coding and programming for AR is between $37,000 to $90,000.


An Angry Birds app is an example of having a variety of detailed designs and bold colors added to their menu pages with some digital art. Adding a logo with a color scheme for every feature can increase pricing along with the layout and style guide. Each page such as a sign-in, checkout, main menu, and so on needs a design and added typography to make it look complete. Designing can cost between $30,000 to $40,000.


Performing tests on an AR requires more time to ensure that everything properly works and meets operating expectations. In some cases, specific codes could have been mistyped or forgotten causing the app to not work correctly. This can lead to delays if there are somehow more errors than expected adding more costs in fixing codings and features. Testings can cost about $12,000 to $18,000.
Now we can get into the things that can cause an AR app to cost more or less.

Basic/ MVP, Customized, and Enterprise


How Much Does Augmented Reality Cost? – MVP stands for Minimal Viable Product which is used to test the most viable features in the demo before investing in the app and selling it to customers. Being able to present a demo through AR is also a bonus as it offers a more interactive experience with clients rather than using a presentation slide show. The cost is not as much since an MVP includes already featured controls and coding installed in the app saving time and money.
                                        How Much Does Augmented Reality Cost?


An app with more added features and customization also needs a branded logo to make it official. For example, a car design app provides a variety of options and categories that are made accessible to give customers a more realistic feel of picking which model looks best in real-time and what color. These tend to cost more because of the hourly rate it takes to create features such as to sign in, checkout from cart, sharing, catalog, API integration, and back-end development.
How Much Does Augmented Reality Cost?
Augmented Reality can function as a tool to provide interaction with work environments and products, enhance training for staff, presentation, and distribution of knowledge. Another example is that certain AR apps have been created to make grocery shopping easier for people by including stock locations, recommendation reviews on food products, set reminders to restock on groceries, and nutrition information. To be able to utilize these functions calls for more advanced technology and approach to programming raising the amount of time and cost to include.
 How Much Does Augmented Reality Cost?


Software Development Kit 
Some developers even use an SDK, or a Software Development Kit, which supports the creation of applications to then be implemented onto a specific hardware platform such as an iPhone or Android. SDK reduces costs and the time it takes to program and creates facets for an AR app as it already supplies what’s needed that the hardware supports.
International App Development Rates 
The app rates depend on the location of the developers and how predictable the app is depending on the level of complexity and challenges during development. Countries like Europe and Ukraine have the lowest rates than the United States and the United Kingdom.
How Much Does Augmented Reality Cost?
How can Austin Visuals Help?
Austin Visuals as a company are dedicated to working with Virtual Reality projects and is soon to create immersive business campaigns with the expansion of AR knowledge and its development. We know that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are on top of the agendas for most marketers in the UK and only about 10% already have a functioning augmented or virtual reality aspect to their campaigns. Austin Visuals offers VR research and planning and even 3D model creations for those interested in wanting to startup business projects.
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