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Virtual Reality Oil and Gas Training

By November 19, 2020July 29th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
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How Leaders in the Oil and Gas Industry are using Virtual Reality


Whether you’re located in Houston, London, or almost anywhere in the world. Oil and Gas companies have been turning to creating custom virtual reality to train their employees. They can lower their costs by up to 90%, reduce workplace accidents significantly, and improve employee relations. This technology is truly a win-win for everyone involved. Additionally Oil and Gas companies are finding a benefit from being on the cutting edge of technology. Not only do you get to look cool, you get some bragging rights to your competition that you’re staying ahead of them. Oil and Gas Marketing departments get to promote content that makes you look unique and has you standing out from your competition which helps you win more deals.


baker-hughes-logoBaker Hughes (GE)

Baker Hughes, which is a GE company, deploys VR tech to simulate oil and gas facilities within training rooms. Virtual Reality helps this company focus on the design of the equipment in accurate detail. VR Tech offers a high level of accuracy & clarity about their equipment and working area before they go to the installation phase.

BP Plc

Custom VR installations aide BP’s workforce towards becoming well-trained for real life challenges. BP along with Maersk Training, has created a platform to increase the knowledge of offshore drilling teams. Using facilities located in Svendborg, Denmark, and Houston, Texas, BP has become a leader in creating physical conditions during drilling.

This Virtual Reality based training replicates conditions of the drilling zone. VR technology allows workers to get used to situations in advance.


In El Segundo, a refinery in California, Chevron uses virtual reality at this facility. VR helps to reduce time, costs, and money spent on the maintenance process. Virtual Reality goggles simulate refinery equipment & sensor data which is then superimposed on a 3D model and then allows a technician to identify a problem and provide solutions quickly.


ConocoPhillips embraces VR ( Virtual Reality )  to make better utilization of its existing communication and visual tech. This Company’s Norway division established an Onshore Drilling Center (ODC) to operate drilling activities in the North Sea. The ODC includes a 3D visualization suite for creating a Virtual Team consisting of domain experts. This Virtual Team evaluates real-time data along-side 3D visualization of downhole drilling equipment.



In a combination development between Oslo-Hydro and Bergen-Christian Michelsen Research (CMR) institute, their team designed a 3D simulator Visualization Area. This area was created using Virtual Reality technology which is also called ‘Cave’ – to support oil and gas ops. Equinor is using this technology to create a 3D simulations of offshore assets & operations. Wearing 3D glasses, the geophysicists, geologists & drilling engineers can study geologic structures in great detail. This allows Equinor to observe the various layers of oil, gas, and water present in the reserves. These 3D models based on seismic images help Equinor to evaluate prospects of hydrocarbon reserves.

So if you’re considering creating a custom Virtual Reality Project for your company, consider We are a premiere 3D Animation and Virtual Reality Studio. That’s practically all we do. And we do it for Oil and Gas and Engineering firms all the time. Since 2007, we’ve been on the cutting edge of technology and you’ll be most pleased with our work and customer service. If you have an idea for a VR ( Virtual Reality ) Project, contact us to chat. Email us [email protected] or fill out this contact form here.

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