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How Much Does it Cost to Make an Oil and Gas Animation Video?

How Much Does it Cost to Make an Oil and Gas Animation Video?

Today, oil and gas companies are increasingly turning to animation videos for their marketing and sales. Engineering models and technical documentation no longer suffice to explain complicated processes and innovative plays. Fast-moving energy companies are turning to animated videos to bring assets to life and explain the intricacies of underground recovery. And it’s more affordable than you might think. Animated videos are a great way to explain complicated processes and sales more efficiently than ever.

A 30-second animated explainer video costs _ oil and gas animation

The production cost of a 30-second animated oil & gas explainer video can range widely depending on the type of animation you’re looking for, the length of your video, and the artists you hire. Animation is typically more affordable than 3D videos, but 2D videos are much cheaper than 3D. This is because animation requires the use of expensive software. The cost of an oil & gas animated explainer video will likely range from $500 to $90K.

It’s a smart idea to create animated explainer videos that have a clear message and stay in viewers’ heads. These videos can also be cheaper than live-action commercials that require actors and can take up a lot of the project budget. Moreover, they boost brand awareness, sales, and conversion much more than a static image can.

Creative process _ oil and gas animation

A UOP animation is a great way to explain the origins of oil and natural gases. The process began hundreds of millions of years ago when the Earth was covered in microscopic plants and swamps. Today, oil and gas are made from liquid hydrocarbons. The UOP process plays an important role in the extraction of high-value natural gas liquids. This video explains the process of oil and gas refining and the fundamentals of reservoir engineering.

An animated video is a great way to explain the process of oil and natural gas production and transport through the subsurface. The animated video can show the tools and processes that are used in the oil-and-gas industry. The United States is home to 80 percent of the country’s underground natural gas storage. These depleted resources are high-porosity rock formations that are highly conductive and permeable, so it’s important to create a visually compelling video to explain how the process works.

Stock music

There are several ways to save money on the production of an oil & gas animation video. Many companies do not follow a standard process. They base their estimates on hourly or daily rates with an additional markup for external costs. Standardized processes provide better value and efficiency. Although these methods require an upfront investment, they are well worth it in the long term. If you require background music for your animation, stock music is an option.

cost to make oil & gas animation video

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