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Water & Sewer Line Construction Animated Video Pricing

Water & Sewer Line Construction animated video pricing showing pipes buried underground of a certain piping project

Before you decide on the price of a Water & Sewer Line Construction animated video, you should first evaluate the production quality. Hiring a professional crew will ensure a high-quality production while staying within your budget. The hourly rate for video crews and lighting technicians varies depending on their skill and experience. High-quality production requires energy and high-quality lighting. Professional crews will use high-quality lighting and professional equipment to make your video engaging.

Hire a production company

Pricing for animated videos about water and wastewater line construction will vary depending on many factors. The amount of work required and the number of edits will determine the final cost of the video. Because of the complexity of the project, production companies charge more for larger projects. They may also need to use different servers to host the video and do backend database work. Additional factors that could increase the cost include travel costs, mileage, and accommodations as well as out-of-pocket expenditures.

Production companies charge between $25 and $75 per hour for their services. This price range includes pre-production planning and gear costs. The overall cost will be affected by creative services, location, and crew size. Additional costs include post-production services and the number of hours the production crew works. A video can be produced by production companies for as low as $2,500

3D motion graphics can be a great option

Water and sewer line construction projects require high levels of accuracy and detailed modeling that is difficult to replicate with 2D animation. 3D models offer many advantages, including greater clarity and a more realistic presentation. As 3D modeling is an integral part of the risk mitigation plan of construction companies, it’s important to incorporate computer graphics processing into these projects. Here are some benefits of 3D modeling in construction.

 Water & Sewer Line Construction animated video pricing

Water & Sewer Line Construction animated video pricing | AustinVisuals

Hidden costs

Hidden costs can quickly add up when constructing water and sewer lines. These hidden costs can include damage to underground utilities, equipment, loss of revenue, or even damage to your company’s reputation. Some cities charge a fee to pay for these systems, but these fees rarely cover the full cost of the project. Before you sign the dotted line, it is important to understand what you can expect and what you can negotiate to avoid hidden costs.

Public utilities, including electric and gas, are another hidden cost of water & sewer line construction. Prices for these utilities will vary depending on where they are located and who is providing them. Private wells and septic systems tend to cost more than public utilities. Electric hookup costs are the biggest utility bill, and builders may need temporary power or heat while installing a permanent system. The cost of public utilities will also depend on how far from the property they are.

Quality of production

The cost of a water and sewer line construction animated video can be fairly low, but the hidden costs of video production can make it seem much more expensive. These hidden costs can include man-days spent editing and rendering the video, as well as tape transfers and uploading the finished video to another server. These are not included in the cost of the actual video production but can add up to 5% to 10% of the project budget.

Water & Sewer Line Construction animated video pricing

Water & Sewer Line Construction animated video pricing

Water & Sewer Line Construction Animation Video Production by AustinVisuals

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