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How to Get Into the Metaverse?

3D animated modern futuristic view of the Metaverse

You’re probably wondering how to jump on the next virtual reality gaming platform. Whether you’re considering PlayStation Home, OASIS, or Roblox, this article will give you the scoop. In this article, we’ll cover the most important details about each of these games and explain how to get started. After reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert player in these immersive worlds.

Oculus Quest 2

You may not have heard of the Metaverse. The Metaverse is a collective world made up of many parallel universes. You will need to have the Metaverse app installed on your device in order to access it. This app can be downloaded here. Simply use the controller to choose the game you want to play.

While Oculus’ Oculus Quest 2 VR headset does not support the full range of the metaverse, it does work for a lot of non-gaming uses. This makes it an affordable, all-in-one option for those who don’t need full virtual reality. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough for Meta’s vision. If this is a problem, Meta’s forthcoming solution is likely too costly.

The Oculus Quest 2 is an excellent VR gaming machine with 360-degree surround environments and 3D audio. The Oculus Quest 2, despite its high price, is more than just a virtual gaming device. It can also serve as a dynamic theater, personal office, and a virtual world for meeting new people. The Oculus Quest 2, the best VR gear, is for those who want to explore the metaverse.

PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home was an open-source game metaverse that featured a customizable avatar as well as advertising before the term was even coined. It could be revived and used in conjunction with PS VR2 to provide gamers the same basic gameplay. While virtual reality worlds like The Sandbox have come under fire for the negative connotations they have brought, PlayStation Home can provide the same unbridled gaming experience without the controversy. PlayStation Home allows players to interact in a non-restrictive setting. It also lets them create their own rooms and furniture that they can customize.

Although PlayStation Home was a great social gaming platform, advertising soon took over. The game was shut down on March 31, 2015. It had a lot of potential but it was ultimately not able to be more than a social network app. Sony quickly realized it needed to use Home to drive its commercial interests and decided to turn it into a profit-generating project. To attract new users to PlayStation Home, Sony partnered with indie game developers, such as Abzu (a third-person adventure video game). Aside from this, the company partnered with developers of indie games such as Abzu to offer mini-games and allow players to customize their virtual apartments.

how to get into the metaverse

How to get into the metaverse ? | AustinVisuals


The OASIS metaverse is a large-scale construction game, which enables players to construct any building, create a virtual city, and trade with other people. The game also offers liquidity income and community-building options. Developers plan to sell OASIS tokens to grow the game’s economy, and to attract a new generation DeFi adopters. Once a player has enough tokens, he or she can begin playing in the OASIS community.

Although the OASIS metaverse still has its infancy, it is an excellent example of a shared virtual universe. Users can freely move between locations and interact with other avatars. This virtual world is becoming one of the hottest topics in online gaming, and it’s no wonder. Here are a few tips to get started with the metaverse. You can also join OASIS as a guest in an existing community.


The recent growth of social games like Roblox and the emerging market of virtual toys has many people talking about the metaverse. This is evident in these games, which have seen their revenues grow by hundreds of thousands over the past year. While these games are extremely popular, they are far from the only ones making headlines. Roblox is also a pioneer of this new trend and has become a major player in the transition from traditional to virtual gaming.

Remember that Roblox sessions are largely played on mobile devices. The majority of Gen Z smartphone owners are connected all the time. Furthermore, 57% of them feel unsafe without their mobile phone. For Roblox to succeed in the metaverse, accessibility is paramount. As a result, developers should strive to make their game accessible to all audiences. These are some ways that the metaverse can be made more attractive to younger users. While there are many ways to make it more fun and more addictive, there are three main reasons why it should be more accessible.


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