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Multi-Channel Marketing : How Marketers will own the multi-channel experience like never before.

By January 19, 2018 September 22nd, 2019 Austin Visuals' Blog

Multi-Channel Marketing – In 2019, marketers will truly own the entire customer lifecycle. Until now, marketers have typically been focused on acquisition and loyalty, but most haven’t explored the other incredibly lucrative areas of the lifecycle, where customers need that little bit more from the brands they love. In 2018, with tools and technologies making it possible, marketers will begin to fully tackle the customer lifecycle, first with email marketing and then with other channels such as paid, social, direct mail and on-site personalization.

It’s a new age of lifecycle marketing and it’s going to be lit.

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Instead of focusing solely on acquisition, marketers will be more accountable than ever for each customer touchpoint. From the first time marketers meet prospects, to purchase and pre-delivery, to loyalty and advocacy, even retention and win-back; all of these touchpoints will require the marketer to be present in order to deliver value to prospects every step of the way.

The result, if we get it right, is a multi-channel experience along every touchpoint of the lifecycle that delights the customer and creates the ultimate return on investment at every step. It’s a new age of lifecycle marketing and it’s going to be lit.

Philip Storey

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