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Email marketing personalization tips – The journey to 1:1 – Personalization is on

Netfkix movie selection

Email marketing personalization tips – Email marketing has been a pioneer of modern marketing personalization.The ability to craft individualized experiences at scale has given email marketing huge leads when it comes to personalization. But so far, email personalization has been based mainly on past events like user-created profiles and preferences, purchases and life stage events.

We’ve all received post-purchase emails for similar products, or emails reminding us to come back to abandoned carts that we’ve moved on from. We move all of this data around and create small windows of relevance that many brands cannot capitalize on. Consumer expectations have also changed. They expect everything to work like Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist or Netflix’s Recommendation pages. Thus far, marketers have struggled to deliver those specific kinds of recommendation-oriented experiences.

image34Spotify’s Discover Weekly

Email personalization will [shift] heavily towards ‘what’s next’ instead of ‘what was.’

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Netflix’s Recommendations

Email marketing personalization tips – In 2019, I predict email personalization will start shifting heavily towards ‘what’s next’ instead of ‘what was.’ New machine learning and data science-based features and platforms will give email marketers the ability to harness their content and data to prophesize relevant information to mass audiences in a personal way.

Written by Alex Williams

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