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By January 17, 2018 September 17th, 2019 Austin Visuals' Blog

Relevance is paramount—to subscriber experiences, to deliverability, and to email revenue generation. In 2018, email marketers will increase their use of automated emails, which are central to creating more email experiences.

For example, successful programs are 108.5% more likely than less successful programs to generate at least half of their email marketing revenue from automated and transactional emails (17.1% vs. 8.2%), according to Litmus’ State of Email Survey of more than 3,500 global marketers.

As email marketing revenue shifts more towards these high-value emails, we’ll hit a tipping point.


As email marketing revenue shifts more towards these high-value emails, we’ll hit a tipping point. Investing the vast majority of our time in the production of mass emails that account for roughly 95% of our email volume but generate less than half of our email revenue won’t make sense. Instead, we’ll begin investing more time in the automated emails that account for 5% of our email volume but most of our email revenue.

Rather than viewing these emails unwisely as “set it and forget it” programs, we’ll treat them as “review and improve” programs, maximize their efficiency and supercharge our impact. This is already proven by positive results. Successful programs are 70.2% more likely than less successful programs to A/B test their automated emails at least once a year (43.4% vs 25.5%), and are 94.7% more likely to A/B test their transactional emails at least once a year (33.3% vs 17.1%).

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The current advances in email automation are happening in an environment of increased integration across channels, across departments and across partners. Brands now have unprecedented insight into customer activity—insights that they are able to act on with automated emails that reach each customer at the right time—with exactly the right content for them.

Certain brands are going to catch this wave and ride it to great success. Others will wait too long and miss it. Are you in danger? If your email program isn’t generating at least 25% of its revenue from automated emails, it’s time to implement some changes. If you’re already generating most of your email revenue from automated emails–don’t let up! Everyone’s about to be hot on your heels.

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