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The Marketing Funnel As We Know It Is Dead

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The marketing funnel is a tool that everyone in the field knows. It was taught and reiterated over and over again until you lived by it. As with many things, times are changing and so is the marketing funnel.


What is the Marketing Funnel?

In simple terms, described by sproutsocial, “A marketing funnel describes your customer’s journey with you” (read more here). The figure below is how it was originally described.


Another figure with more detail:

Image result for marketing funnel

What is wrong with the “old” marketing funnel?

Let’s first take a look at the new funnel:


Another funnel graphic that explains the steps more:

Image result for new marketing funnel

This new funnel system, more of an hourglass figure, does not stop at the purchase. The goal of your company is not to have customers use your product once and that is it. You want them to come back. The “old” figure stopped at purchase, not thinking about how to get the customers to get back.

The hourglass figure shows an updated version of what companies really want. For example, you want to know about your customers’ satisfaction. If your customers are satisfied then they are more likely to come back.

Everyone in the field should reshape their idea of the marketing funnel to reflect that of the hourglass. It is what will grow your business, not just remain afloat.


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