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Marketing During Covid – Creative Ways To Market During Covid

By May 11, 2020 May 23rd, 2020 Blog
creative ways to market during covid

Marketing During Covid

Marketing During Covid

A few Creative ideas for you to consider for how marketing during covid for your business during the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020, may affect your business.

Marketing your business during the Coronavirus pandemic is a tricky thing. If not done properly, your business or brand could appear greedy, unkind, or insensitive. Not all hope is lost though, there are plenty of clever and creative ways to get your brand out there during these times. We can first start with some core concepts to keep in mind, then we’ll get into a list of tips below.

Marketing During Covid – Key Concepts:

#1 ) Stay Calm

stay calm - man against white background meditating with collared shirt

Let us not forget who we are, and more importantly, let’s not forget what our customers are going through. If we are freaked out, surely that energy passes through our proposals and our conversations. So let’s find our own zen for a moment, before we start going nuts over marketing strategy.

Once we find our zen, then we can focus on making our business more efficient, and prioritizing tasks and goals daily. This kind of work ethic will help you and surrounding staff to also stay as effective and productive as possible.

#2 ) Don’t hard sell

cell phone hard selling covid The days of hard selling are nearly gone. Today’s customers are busy, tech savvy, sometimes adverse to ads or if they are not, they are adverse to salesy presentations. So let’s not trip that wire, and stay away from doing anything that appears that you’re out for 1 thing which is the sale. Instead try seeking to understand, listen, and empathize with your customer’s situation. If you can bring your calm zen to your prospective customer, they  are more likely to enjoy your company and find commonalities. People buy from whom they know, like, and trust.

#3 ) Be helpful and offer value

offer value covid

One of the best ways to attract new customers is give something of value first. This can be a free PDF download, free website audit, free no obligation consultation, or anything else you can think of your customers might actually find useful.

#4 ) Stay Top of Mind

top of mind marketing covid

Post on social media daily. Regularly and consistently send out your newsletters. Respond to all inquiries as fast as possible.

#5 ) Get Creative

get creative covid marketing

At Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, we have found through trial-and-error some creative ways of getting our brand out there. People seem to be responding well to seeing examples of our work like this :  Work Examples

Take a look below for an example. We have been video interviewing clients and local business owners on a talk series called Austin Biz Talks. People seemed to have positively engaged with this kind of interview reporting.


Austin Biz Talks - Episode 1 - Local Covid Impact



Austin drone photography - Austin drone 4k Austin Texas drone footage



Motion graphics reel austin visuals animation studio company 2020

In Conclusion

If you find yourself in need of creative ways to brand yourself or if you’re in need of a video, think of reaching out to Austin Visuals.

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