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New York Here’s An Animation Company for you

By October 9, 2018 January 23rd, 2019 Austin Visuals' Blog


That’s right.  What’s worse than spending your hard earned money on making a video that hits YouTube like a belly flop into the Columbus Park fountain?  If you think traffic is bad on a rainy day in Times Square, it’s still less snarly than the crush of 400 hours worth of video uploaded to YouTube every minute.  Yes, every minute!  So, how will you compete?

Use 2D or 3D animation to demonstrate the impossible by being improbable, imaginative, and innovative, that’s how.

Our talented artists can put a dragon in a taxi cab, give you a spokesmascot that will be more popular than that insurance lizard, or just make appliances, tools, furniture, or plumbing products seem exciting or memorable or endearing.  If we can do it for socks…..we can do it for you:

Same old, same old isn’t even in our vocabulary at Austin Visuals.  I mean, sometimes we actually tell our customers when they might be (wait for it) wrong about what they want to say or do.

Take our process for our 2D, 3D explainer video creation service.  My name is Nancy Schirm ( and as Creative Director, I’ll straight up tell you if you’re making me drowsy by talking all about your mission and dreams instead of why your product or service is better or different that something customers might already be using.  I’ll remind you it’s vital you not only say why something works, but why it’s worth the money.

Aha (you may say) but is your explainer video creation service clever and clear AND affordable? Yes, you bet.  We do custom 2D animation or digitally sourced 2D animation sometimes mixed with 3D animation, film and motion graphics for extra buzz and bling.

We’re not afraid to give something that twist of humor or controversy or unusual point of view that results in a “wakey wakey” reaction.

Here’s an example featuring one of New York’s more famous people selling what COULD be an otherwise kind of not exciting thing like new domain names:

We’re best known for our custom 2D and 3D animation:selling new kids tv programs and games

Or presentations to worldwide consulting companies at their big international meetings

But we give the same care to emerging businesses with new products using digital animation:

You can come to us with scripts and storyboards, or walk into our magic world with just an idea and a need.  We’ll give you everything we have to help you succeed.

You can come to us needing holograms or virtual reality or renders or just about anything anyone can think of in the digital world and our CEO Matt Winters ( will deduce which of our 21 artists is the best fit for the team.

We hire only the most experienced 3D and 2D animation artists.  They’re experienced in virtually every platform you can think of.




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