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By October 9, 2018 September 17th, 2019 Austin Visuals' Blog

Looking for Houston oil and gas animation? You’ve found it. We’re Austin Visuals and we understand how to do the “show and tell” for the processes, production, equipment, and technology required to deliver gas and oil from America to the world in Houston oil and gas animation.


If a Houston Oil and Gas Company looking for a video animation company and a houston oil and gas animation company to tell your story to investors. the community, your employees Austin Visuals can do that.

If you’ve innovated a new product or process or want to illustrate construction, Austin Visuals can do that.

We’re currently creating an entire LNG plant in Virtual reality – complete with interactions (want to pick up an oil tanker – you can do that) from the molecular level showing how impurities are removed – to tankers, to flares, to trains, to tracking worldwide distribution in human and giant scale for this multinational LNG producer.  We can’t tell you who, because like most of you, our Houston client requires us to hold to a strict NDA.

Just let me say they’re over the moon with this project.  Nothing makes us more excited than to hear serious engineers and scientists in gas and oil rave about our animation above ground or offshore.  Well, we may get JUST as excited to talk to other customers about our 3D animation company’s creative solutions to communication.  There’s nothing like solving new problems for clients and making new friends to get the adrenaline flowing!

You might not be ready for Virtual Reality, so you’ll be interested to know that it’s made up of 3D elements from our 3D animation company that can be used equally effectively in presentations or on line.  Compressors, towers, ships, pipes, buildings and more all had to be created from “scratch” into realistic dynamic pixels.

Doesn’t it make you wonder what our 3D animation company could build for you?

You might have thought the best Houston animation company would be in Houston, but Austin Visuals 3D animation company is located in – yes you guessed – Austin. Many of our customers in the gas and oil industry are in Houston, but we have others in Iowa, Los Angeles, Canada, and around the globe.  You’ll find us right inside your computer at https://austinvisuals.com,

We work for many internationally known brands garnering five star ratings for production quality and customer service.  I’m Creative Director Nancy Schirm ([email protected]).

You and I will begin with me listening to your goals and objectives.  Then we’ll move in to some creative ideas for solving the challenges within your budget. You may have a script or need help in writing one – no problem Austin Visuals can do that.

About Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio ( Houston Oil and Gas Animation Studio )

I’ll help select the exact right person to join our team from our 21 experienced artists.  You’ll get a detailed scope of work and production schedule.  We start with storyboards, move to animatics, then give you low resolution final cuts of each scene to revise and change.  Next you get high resolution versions with your updates and, when you’re satisfied – we deliver your final product in any format you request.

3D animation takes between 3-6 weeks for up to 3 minutes  Less if you are prompt with revisions.  Virtual Reality projects (in case you ever want to consider this rapidly evolving, incredibly immersive format) takes 4-10 months depending on variables.

Our technical team member will be CEO Matt Winters ([email protected]),

Either Matt or Nancy is always available to you.

As we like to say:  HOUSTON WE DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM.

(Unless you count the tendency toward really bad puns)

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