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Social Media Campaigns: The 6-Part Process to the Perfect Campaign

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From time to time, we like to share relevant, well-written, timely information from experts.  We found this article helpful and hope you do as well.  We’ve included some video entertainment for you, to demonstrate an important part of the process!

Social Media Campaigns: The 6-Part Process to the Perfect Campaign

By Oyekunle Damola in Business Marketing Social Media Marketing


The influence and involvement of social media campaigns in our daily lives is undeniable. Social media marketing programs are based on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks. Social media campaigns are promotions using the powerful platforms of social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many others. Marketing has always been more of an art than a science. Previous methods of marketing and client interaction have been very costly and difficult. Online promotions is an inexpensive yet effective way of letting the world know about your campaign. It may look easy, but it requires effort and a great deal of thinking as well. You have to actively participate and engage your customers to maintain success and traffic.

Marketing and promoting your subject through social media has proven a successful and effective strategy. All successful campaigns vary in content, goals, style and methods. However, if you analyze the steps and details of successful campaigns, they share some common features. Here I have listed some of those steps that will boost the impact of your campaign and help you achieve maximum returns.

Develop a carefully thought out plan.

The best social media campaigns begin with a carefully developed plan. This plan should include all the gradual steps and procedures that will lead to success. Your goals should be defined. The platforms and marketing techniques you will employ should be included in it.

To develop your plan, do some research. Go through the social media campaigns of your competitors or past campaigns. You should clearly know what you want to communicate and convey to your audience. You need to know what social network you are going to use for your campaign i.e, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Allocate your budget and resources properly. Develop a team comprising members for promotion, creating content and designing. Assign clear-cut roles to avoid confusion and vagueness in tasks.

You need to decide on a goal that must be achieved as an outcome of the whole campaign. There can be different goals each campaign wants to achieve, for example, you should know whether you want to influence leaders as result of this campaign or want the common masses to stand by you. This achievement of the goal will declare your success or failure.

Know your target audience

Knowing your target audience is vital. This begins when you choose the social media site for the launch of your campaign. Use the right channel to communicate your message, a platform where most of your target audience hangs out. Their reactions and responses vary on different social media websites. Match the correct medium to deliver your message. Are you targeting young people or older, students or professionals, males or females, bachelors or married couples? The list goes on. Depending on your target customers, you must create a scheme that attracts their emotion and intrigues them. If your campaign targets everyone, for example, if it promotes charity or humanity, then you may skip this step.

Be creative

No one likes dull and boring campaigns. Add some creativity. If you are planning a video for your campaign, let it be amusing, entertaining and, most of all, the kind that engages and attracts your audience. The most successful social media campaigns create an emotional connection between the host and audience.

Delivering a beautiful moral lesson is one of the features of successful social campaigns. The campaign does not have to be offensive or vulgar to catch attention. Grasp positive attention. Make it humorous if it aligns with your campaign’s theme. Make it touch their emotions by giving a life lesson through it or by reminding them of their beautiful memories. Make it surprising. Make it creative.

Note: Creativity is wonderful but if the campaign deviates from its original theme, you would end up with a poor campaign. Sometimes simplicity is the key.

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Connect with your followers

Your pages/blogs on social sites should be regularly checked and updated. You should respond actively to your followers to let them know their time and opinion is valued. Post regular, useful or entertaining updates. This will keep them engaged and develop a trust. Tell them how their participation has helped you achieve a goal and how deeply you value their time and efforts. Make it personal and show that you care about them and you will produce a powerful sense of belonging that will turn into long-term loyalty.

Cross channel promotion

After launching your campaign on the right social media platforms, it would be a good idea to increase its attention and success by promoting it on other channels. This is known as cross-channel promotion. The best way to make sure your campaign is heard or seen by the maximum number of people possible is to gradually display it on different social media channels. Extend the promotion to all your social connections.

Measure your success

Keep track of how your campaign is performing at regular intervals. It is important to have appropriate metrics that serve as a basis for measuring success.

How many benchmarks did it hit successfully and in how much time? Have you achieved your goal? If you have not hit any targets, remember, good things take time and require patience and consistent efforts.

While analyzing your campaign, recognize the difficulties or losses you have encountered. Note them and find a solution to avoid such mistakes in future.


Using these steps as the tenets of your next social media campaigns will surely help your campaign extend your social reach, gain a better understanding of your target audience and achieve your long-term goals. Stay positive and never give up. Good luck!

And don’t forget to call Austin Visuals for a free consultation to learn how a little of our digital magic can add some sparkle to your Social Media campaign!


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