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The Benefits of Using Animated Explainer Videos for Your Business

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In an age of constant digital innovation, standing out is the key to success. One method that has been gaining substantial traction among businesses is the use of animated explainer videos. These compelling visual tools not only engage audiences but also articulate complex ideas in a simple, understandable format. The benefits of using animated explainer videos for your business are numerous and impactful, and they’re transforming the way businesses connect with their audiences. From simplifying complex ideas to boosting conversion rates, animated explainer videos are also an effective way to elevate your brand’s digital presence and engagement. Let’s delve deeper into these benefits and uncover how you can harness the power of this exciting tool for your business.

What Are Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos simplify complex ideas. They offer a clear view of a product, service, or process. They also blend visuals, animations, narration, and background music to create a compelling story. These videos are versatile. They can introduce a new product or simplify a workflow. They also make any concept easy to understand. This makes them useful for many industries.

The Power of Animated Explainer Videos for Business

Animated explainer videos offer countless benefits for businesses. Here are six ways they can boost your company’s success:

Simplifying Complex Ideas

The beauty of animated explainer videos lies in their ability to break down complex ideas. They use visuals and narratives to present intricate concepts in an easy-to-understand format. This makes them ideal for explaining how a new product works or outlining a complex process.

Engaging and Entertaining the Audience

These videos not only inform but also entertain. They use humor, captivating visuals, and storytelling to hook viewers. This combination also keeps the audience engaged and interested, making them more likely to absorb your message.

Encouraging Sharing on Social Media

Due to their entertaining nature, animated explainer videos are highly shareable. People love to share fun and informative content on their social media platforms. This means more visibility and reach for your brand.

Boosting SEO Efforts

Search engines favor websites with video content. By adding animated explainer videos to your site, you can also improve its SEO ranking. This leads to more organic traffic and potential customers.

Increasing Conversion Rates

Animated explainer videos can boost conversion rates. A well-crafted video can persuade viewers to take action, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or contacting your sales team.

Enhancing Brand Awareness and Recall

These videos are a great way to build and reinforce your brand identity. By using consistent colors, logos, and messaging, your audience will quickly recognize and remember your brand.

In conclusion, animated explainer videos are a powerful business tool. They can simplify complex ideas, engage the audience, boost your SEO efforts, and increase conversion rates, all while enhancing brand awareness.

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Real-world Success Stories of Businesses Using Explainer Videos

To illustrate the power of animated explainer videos, let’s look at how three different businesses have used them to their advantage:

Dropbox’s Success Story

Dropbox, a popular cloud storage service, is a prime example of a business effectively using animated explainer videos. When the company first started, it faced the challenge of explaining a relatively new concept – cloud storage – to its potential customers. They used an animated explainer video to simplify this concept and show how their product works. The results were remarkable. After embedding the video on their homepage, Dropbox saw a 10% increase in conversion rates, translating into several million additional customers.

Crazy Egg’s Success Story

Crazy Egg, a website optimization tool, also found success through an animated explainer video. They wanted to showcase their heat map tool’s features, which helps users understand their website visitors’ behavior. The explainer video they used clarified how the tool worked, leading to an increase in conversion rates and an extra $21,000 in monthly revenue.

Mint’s Success Story

Mint, a personal finance management tool, had the task of convincing users to trust them with their sensitive financial information. Their animated explainer video showcased how the service could help users manage their money and ensure their data’s safety. The video played a vital role in building trust with potential customers and helped Mint grow to over 1.5 million users in just two years.

These success stories demonstrate how effectively animated explainer videos can be used to drive conversion rates, increase revenue, and build trust with your audience. With the right strategy and creative execution, these videos can truly transform your business.

How to Create Effective Animated Explainer Videos for Your Business

Creating an animated explainer video that resonates with your audience requires careful planning. Let’s explore some key steps in this process.

Identify Your Target Audience

Firstly, understanding your target audience is essential. Knowing their preferences, challenges, and values can also guide your video content and make it more appealing. Ask yourself: Who am I trying to reach, and what problems can my product or service solve for them?

Craft a Compelling Story

A captivating storyline is the backbone of any effective explainer video. It should be straightforward, engaging, and tailored to the audience’s needs. Use a problem-solution approach, starting with a relatable issue your audience faces, and then show how your product or service provides the solution.

Choose the Right Animation Style

The style of animation should reflect your brand’s personality and appeal to your target audience. Whether it’s 2D, 3D, whiteboard, or stop-motion, the choice should support your message and make it memorable.

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Work with a Professional Animation Studio

Finally, while there are various DIY tools available, partnering with a professional animation studio can make a significant difference. Professionals also bring a high level of expertise, creativity, and technical skills to the table, ensuring your animated explainer video stands out and achieves its purpose.

By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to creating an animated explainer video that captivates your audience, explains your product effectively, and ultimately boosts your business.

Why Choose Austin Visuals for Your  Explainer Videos Needs

Choosing the right partner for your animated explainer video production is a significant decision. Here are a few reasons why Austin Visuals stands out as the best choice:

High-Quality Production: At Austin Visuals, we prioritize quality. Our team of experts employs the latest technology and techniques to produce top-notch videos. Each video we create is customized to suit your unique business needs and is polished to perfection.

Creative Expertise: Our creative team brings a wealth of experience to the table. We know how to tell your story in a way that’s engaging, informative, and memorable. We’re not just about making videos; we’re about creating experiences that your audience will remember.

Customer-Centric Approach: We believe in putting our customers first. We work closely with you throughout the process, ensuring the final product aligns perfectly with your vision. Your success is our success, and we strive to exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Variety of Styles: We offer a wide range of animation styles, from 2D and 3D animation to motion graphics and whiteboard videos. This means we can match the perfect style to your brand and message.

Competitive Pricing: We provide high-quality services at competitive prices. We believe that top-notch animated explainer videos should be accessible to all businesses, regardless of size or budget.

Choose Austin Visuals for your animated explainer video needs, and let us help you convey your business story in a way that engages, educates, and inspires your audience.


ideas, engaging audiences, and driving business growth. They help simplify your message, making it easy for potential customers to understand what you offer and why it matters. Not only that, but these videos are shareable and SEO-friendly, boosting your digital marketing efforts in more ways than one.

Moreover, with the right partner like Austin Visuals, creating high-quality, effective animated explainer videos becomes a seamless process. Our experienced team works closely with you to transform your vision into a dynamic video that resonates with your target audience and prompts action.

If you haven’t yet incorporated animated explainer videos into your marketing strategy, now’s the perfect time to start. Reach out to Austin Visuals today and let us help you leverage the power of animation to take your business to new heights.

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