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The Creative Process – How We Make Your Animations – Part 3

Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio - Illustration
The Creative Process – How We Make Your Animations – Part 3
This is the third and final part of this series on the creative process we go through when creating animations. You can find our other parts HERE – Stage 1 Development and HERE – Stage 2 Development. The last stage of this process is the polishing stage.
After we have done all of our revisions, we move onto the polishing stage. This stage is all about making the animation look fantastic rather than average. It is in this stage we add special effects, text, we can add or remove scenes, and adjust the motion of some of our characters.  Here, we usually edit and adjust animation slightly based on feedback, where as in the earlier stages we made larger adjustments. Building a 3d animation is much like building a house; you need to start with an idea, draw that idea out, then plan how many rooms or ‘scenes’ you want, then start construction. Throughout the construction phase there are aspects you can change; you can have a wall or ‘elements of your animation’ move here and there. The further you get along in construction, the less cost effective it becomes to begin changing plans around because one element is usually locked into another element. If you get a house built and you decide you want extra kitchen space after construction of the walls are complete, you will usually need to adjust many other aspects of the house just to expand the kitchen space by a few feet. With Animation, once we get to this stage, changes usually affect multiple scenes in order for the entire minute long animation to feel like it’s flowing properly. Creating this flow is what separates experts from amateur and enthusiast animators, not just anyone can create custom animation like this. This final stage is all about adding the bells and whistles so to speak. We can add the rest of the scenes that did not make it into the test animation and make sure every moment of the animation is well timed and has the exact effect we were reaching for. Everything from the script, to the style, and storyboard has been approved by both the director and customer. We go over it with a fine toothed comb to see if there were any mistakes we over looked or places where we could improve the animation or timing. We then gather all the scenes that were filmed and edit the video together into the final version of the animation.

Now at this final stage everyone involved, the customer, director, and animator, are pretty happy with how the project is turning out. We here at Austin Visuals like to go the extra mile in order to give our customers what they want and more. After this final stage, the animation is complete and has been rendered, we deliver it to the customer in the mp4 format. This way it can be used across a variety of platforms like the Facebook, Youtube, TV, websites, and trade shows. Afterwards we politely ask our customer to fill out a quick survey in order to get feedback about the entire process and ways for us to improve.
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