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How 3D Animation Can Increase Your Business Sales

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How 3D Animation Can Increase Your Business Sales



3D Animation can do wonders to increase sales in a business. Animation is one of the most versatile presentation mediums available on the market to increase sales for a business. There are many ways to market and manage your business and to bring it greater success. Many marketing managers look for new ways to increase sales yet they did not learn of the power of Animation in school. Most marketing courses do not teach how to use multimedia to help sell a product or service so most people stick to using old powerpoints as a communication method or rely on clip art found around the internet communicate complex ideas around the office and to their customers. One underrated way to improve your business is the use of 3D animation. There are several ways to use it and each one offers different benefits that are worth taking a look at. This article will be taking you through those uses and explaining the benefits that your business can take advantage of.

Here is a list of benefits that 3D Animation can provide

  • -You can demonstrate how a product or service works without having to take your customers or audience there in person.
  • -You don’t have to setup a physical demonstration of your product which can save you in setup costs.
  • -With 3D Animation you can make your product or service look sexier, dynamic, and very attractive to emphasize your products’ benefits
  • -You can give a old presentation a total make-over and breath new life into a presentation with exciting new updated visuals.
  • -You can make almost any product or service look cutting edge, new, and state of the art.
  • -You can create impossible imagery that can never be achieved with video.

What are the advantages of using 3D Animation? 

  • -It communicates your message clearly and leaves no room for misinterpretation.
  • -It communicates your message quickly and over a large audience, much faster than words or papers.
  • -Audience retention of information and messaging increases. Sight and sound create powerful emotions within people to push them towards an action and towards a purchase more than words alone.
  • -The content presented is more interesting and easier to remember to the audience.
  • -Animation gives you a competitive edge in the industry. Be the first in your industry to use cutting edge marketing and sales tools.
  • -You can maximize social media and the internet to reach a mass audience quickly. We’ve all heard of viral videos. Animation gives you a way to create almost
    any imagery you want.


The most common and thought of use for 3D animation is obviously making an animation for a commercial. It explains your product or service and markets it to potential customers. Animation is an inherently visual communication tool. Humans, as a species, rely on our vision the most out of all of our senses and 3D animation can take advantage of that fact with sight and sound creating powerful emotions to urge an audience to take an action. Delivering a message through images and animation clearly conveys information in a way that leaves no room for interpretation. Your audience is shown exactly what you want to say without things like context and diction making the message murkier. Not only this, but animation makes your presentation look more polished and professional. A short animated video gives the impression of more passion and work put into the presentation then a simple power point.

A little thought about benefit of animation is that it can communicate its message quickly and over a much wider audience then other forms of communication. Imagine creating 1 video then posting it across LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, you company blog, your website’s home page and across all your social media and publications channels to reach a massive audience within hours. Animated videos could be view by 1000 people just as easily as 10 people without any changes in quality. It will also deliver its message to the entire audience at once instead of depending on chance or how well the audience can view it. This allows you to reach a large audience in a much shorter time frame. Animation most certainly will get you a high return on your investment.

What can you use 3D Animation For?

  • -To explain how a complex process or idea works
  • -To show cut-away views of the inside of how an equipment or process works.
  • -To outline key benefits of a feature of a product or service
  • -To create fly-throughs or tours of your facility through 3D Animation
  • -To show how a product works that has not been built yet or is currently under construction
  • -Show Early Stage planning and development clearly
  • -Show how medical devices impact the body.
  • -Explain your product or service to attract sales and customers to your trade show booth.
  • -Create an impressive sales presentation to colleagues internally or for investor pitch videos.

In this age, time is precious and if you fail to get your audience’s attention within seconds, your message will be ignored. An animation is much more enticing to viewer than a block of text. The movement and images that come with animation catches their attention and burns it into their memories. A visual presentation is much easier to remember than a purely vocal one. These facts give your business a way to keep your product or service in the minds of your audience for a long time. You can see that success in famous commercials and slogans that have become a part of popular culture, like the Taco Bell Chihuahua or Gieco gecko. Those commercials have made themselves permanent fixtures into the minds of their audiences so the companies they represent are immediately identifiable and remembered.

All in all, animation is a useful marketing tool that is sometimes too easily overlooked. Spending $1,000 or $10,000 on a single animation can lead to millions of views with potential customers and your message  reaching audiences in an exact way that helps you maximize your marketing budget.

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