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Top 5 Best Animation Studios In Melbourne Australia

By October 4, 2021 Blog
3d animation studios

There is no better place in the highly competitive animation industry than Australia. Australia is home to the top five animation studios in Melbourne – Australia. More than 300 exhibitors displayed their work at Anime Expo Melbourne, Melbourne. If you’re attending Anime Fest in Melbourne this year, be sure to check out the five best animation studios in Australia. Among them is Crunchyroll, a professional animation company in Melbourne that produces animated films and fantasy films online and on DVD. At Anime Fest you will see the latest anime from Japanese and international animation studios.

Here are the “Top 5 best animation studios in Melbourne Australia”

  • Austinvisual
  • Eleven Arts
  • Cineloupe Entertainment
  • The Millwork Artistic Studios
  • Akeel Studio

Austin Visuals” was founded in 2007 by matthew winters, in austin texas and now the company has expanded worldwide including offices in Melbourne. Austin Visual is known for its 3D computer-generated animations (CGI) designed with photorealistic renderman, specialized graphics rendering software to create high-quality images. Austin Visuals’ strength is Medical 3D animation, medical 3D animation, a division of Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio, is a fully staffed 3D Animation Studio with experienced professionals specializing in marketing/ scientific, biomedical, continuing education and healthcare branding for hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical companies, device inventors and manufacturers and service providers auxiliary service. We produce digital media in all formats for broadcast, presentation, web, convention and training.

Top 5 best animation studios in melbourne

Medical 3D animation

Austin Visual services include:

  • Engineering and Technical 3D Animation
  • Medical 3D Animation
  • TV Commercials for Television and Web
  • Explainer Videos
  • Virtual Reality VR/AR/360

and many other services

Austin Visualss clients include major companies such as NASA, The Smithsonian, MSI, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), University of Texas, Hong Kong Government Geosciences Agency, OnRamp Data Center, John Deere , Discovery Channel, LDR Spine, The Saskastoon Canadian Airport Authority…

Eleven Arts” is also one of the top 5 best animation studios in Melbourne – Australia. It was founded by Mark Coker, David Prior and others in 2021. Eleven Arts is one of the world’s most prominent animation production companies. It offers animation art production, computer animation, special effects, animation television, feature films, TV series, video games and home entertainment. “ Eleven Arts” has several websites, which feature their work and clients websites.

“Cineloupe Entertainment”, another animation studio in Melbourne – Australia, is another. It was founded by Frank Capra, Peter Gelad in 1998. Over the years Cineloupe Entertainment has gone through several changes, which have included reorganization and downsizing of key personnel. Currently, they are run as two separate entities. Cineloupe Entertainment’s key executives include John Combs (the president of Celine); Ray Parker (the artistic director of Celine); and Bill Plympton (the technical director).With modern techniques, it is not difficult to understand why this studio is in the top 5 best animation studios

The Millwork Artistic Studios“, located in Melbourne’s northern region, is another one of the top animation studios in melbourne – Australia. Located within the City of Melbourne, The Millwork Artistic Studios is home to many prominent artists such as Arthur Frame, Glen Duncan and Frank Warren. Their focus on environmentally friendly and renewable forms of entertainment and green building is apparent in their mission statement, which mentions the involvement of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Millwork has received multiple awards for their creativity and innovation in the realm of animation.

Akeel Studio” is a relatively young animation production company that was founded in 2021. Akel Studio has produced many original DVD movies since their inception and has had the chance to collaborate with some of the most prominent creators in the industry such as Hayao Marujo, Takashi Murakami, Tony Sharp, John Singleton and Hayao Marujo. Their animation has been nominated for numerous awards and is well-received by both film critics as well as the public. A dedicated development team works hard to bring new and innovative ideas to their customers. If you have an interest in animation and would like to work within this industry, you should definitely look into Akel Studios.

The above mentioned are some of the “Top 5 animation studios in melbourne – Australia”. It should be fairly easy to see why they are so highly regarded and why people are eager to work within them. There is certainly no shortage of animation production or outsourcing in this area and it only makes sense to choose an Australian company based within this niche. These animation production studios are located in Melbourne, Australia.



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