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Virtual Reality Services

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Virtual Reality Services | Virtual Reality Companies

Virtual reality services – Are you looking for a Virtual Reality Service provider? Consider Austin Visuals 3D Animation Company. We have been in business since 2007, creating ground breaking 3D Animated Videos and Virtual Reality Environments. When you’re venturing into a new technology, it’s best to go with the experts. Austin Visuals also creates custom Augmented Reality, AR and MX Mixed Reality Experiences. Email us at [email protected].

Virtual reality - ImmersionWhat is Virtual Reality?

In summary, you put on a headset or googles. This eyewear device allows you to see a computer screen in front of you that responds as you look around.  Interact with your environment or program your experience in advance!  Your headset equipment usually has controllers that allow you to manipulate or move objects around in the virtual reality space.

Oculus Rift - HTC ViveWhat is VR used for?

  • Virtually Train Employees
  • Increase Memory Retention during Virtual Reality Safety Training
  • Decrease accidents in Virtual Reality Safety Training
  • Teach medical staff about new and emerging procedures
  • Use Virtual Reality as Marketing material at Tradeshows. Make your brand stand out.
  • Explain Complex Concepts using 3D visualization and animation by being inside impossible environments. To put this another way, with Virtual Reality, you can teleport inside dangerous environments such as the inside of a volcano, or inside of a condenser unit, or explore a moving jet engine. Some things are extra difficult to get a good understanding of when it comes to dangerous environments or equipment.

How can my business benefit from Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality shows what cannot be explained by video alone and it can actually create an ‘experience’ like no other. When people are in Virtual Reality they are teleported to another world and can highly directed and consistent experiences or have unique and interactive experiences where each case is different, depending on how you configure the vr program.

VR still has a novel flavor to it. It’s new, exciting, and it’s something that not everyone has experienced yet. It’s something to talk about around the watercooler. Because of this cool trendy factor, it serves as an excellent marketing tool. It’s something that can bring in a crowd to view your trade show booth, or lobby. Why not give your customers something they will remember forever and at the same time have continuous pieces of news you can write about and promote across your social channels about how your company is on the cutting edge of innovation.

So if you’re in the market to explore creating or purchasing custom virtual reality services, think of Email us [email protected] or call us +1-512-591-8024. Or you can fill out this contact form Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio will help you take your project to the next level.