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Did you just react with OMG she’s going to tell me about explainer videos?  And yes I am, but I’m also going to tell you about the SEVEN OF THE HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT KINDS of explainer videos we make at Austin Visuals that are sometimes called “corporate image” videos or “positioning” or “branding” videos.  No two videos we make are the same – ever because no two customers have the same products, wants, or needs.  So, for the purpose of this blog, we’ll show you examples of “styles” that are frequently used – as long as you promise to understand that YOU will be UNIQUE to us if we are privileged to serve you!




Call them what you want, your video has to explain the way your product works, why it is an improvement beyond what they are using now, and why they should choose YOU. Videos planned well, with compelling graphics and a great script have an 81% conversion rate.  Here then, are a few of many many types of videos Austin Videos produces.

1. 2D Custom Animation Explainer Video With Corporate/Training Focus

These frequently used videos combine custom 2D animation with a focus on a corporate image or corporate training.  Austin Visuals has created these for Fortune 500 standouts as well as new and emerging startups. This one aimed at training employees to “problem-solve” by using humor.


Not all 2D explainers need to be long or involved to explain or describe or initiate a desire for a product.  We did all that for socks in just a few seconds. After this how could you ever forget where wool socks come from?

2D Custom Animation. Austin Visuals Animation Studio

See more at www.austinvisuals.com


2. MULTIMEDIA 2D/3D/MOTION GRAPHICS Custom Technical Explainer Video

This type of explainer video works because it can explain innovations and complex concepts in a way that is easily understood by a range of audiences from consumers to fabricators to direct sales staff to large retail sellers.

Here’s an example of an Austin Visuals video done for an insulation company, explaining the need for a new type of insulation. This style works because it uses motion and illustrations to convey the messages, the customer’s eye trained on it.


3D Insulation Explainer Video - eShield

3. 3D Custom New Technology Product Explainer

So many companies are coming up with improvements to technology and the hardware and they use videos like this one from Austin Visuals to explain how they are different and better than “the old way” of doing things.

3D Technical Device Visualization. 3D Animations Texas. Austin Visuals


and here is another example showing how something works using 3D technical animation

HVAC 3D Animation | Motor Technical Explainer Video | Austin Visuals Animation

4. 3D Scientific Medical Animation Explainer Videos for Devices and Procedures

Austin Visuals has become well known and sought after in the healthcare industry for our ability to detail and explain breakthroughs in science and medical treatment as well as innovative devices for the care and treatment of patients of all ages.  

This example of our work shows how we integrate on-site video recording with animation to explain how a global corporation is advancing healthcare around the world.



Here is how we assisted a physician to explain his new treatment methodology to repair scoliosis (curvature of the spine):


3D Spinal Explainer Video


And for a large company introducing a new type of balloon for angioplasty



For more examples of our medical/scientific/device videos visit our dedicated healthcare website at www.medical3danimationcompany.com


5. Live-Action Explainer Videos and a little about live-streaming too

During our current COVID restrictions, live-action video can be a challenge because we always want everyone to be safe!  In the BC (Before COVID) times, we produced many live-action videos and used them combined with animation and motion graphics.  Here is one of our favorites which helped this product exceed its kick-off presentation requirements for funding by SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Kickstarter Video Product Commercial Humor, Live Video



Austin Visuals also handles live streaming for events, church services and meetings.

We’re not restricted shooting live-action using our drones to capture exciting visuals that can be used alone or incorporated into animated videos. – here are some examples of drone photography from Austin Visuals.

Austin drone photography - Austin drone 4k Austin Texas drone footage


6. Pre-Created Characters

No other form of animation is faster, less expensive (starting at $500 a minute), more versatile – and sadly more frequently ill-used than the pre-created character video.  


Some platforms claim you can do an animated video that works just by buying their assets. And, like you, we’ve seen companies promising to do them for ultra-cheap.  They give you a form to fill out to create a script and throw together something that looks like it came from a discount box store.  


We don’t do that.  We take great care in using these cost-savings characters to create real videos that work based on scripts written after extensive conversations with you to determine how best to communicate your message professionally.


Videos that work for organizations to explain health care education

2D Visualization Scientific/Medical/Surgical Device Animation. US-based 2D and 3D Animation Company


Videos that explain company benefits

Texas Association of Counties - V3 - Commissioner's Court Version


Videos that work for real estate professionals

Motion Graphics Explainer Video | Purlin.com | Austin Visuals


or whatever YOU need to promote, sell, or market.


7. Motion Graphics

Videos using motion graphics, or combining them with live video or other animation can tell your story for very little money.  As always, we work closely with you to develop a visual and narrative script to ensure that all your points of difference are clear to your audience.  Here’s a motion graphics video Austin Visuals completed  for a new type of technology

2D Animated Promo Video With Music - Shape Sensing Device


and for a car delivery company

2D Animated Promo - Video 2 - Car Wholesale


Here’s a reel of our other motion graphics projects from Austin Visuals.

Austin Visuals Animation Studio - Motion Graphics Reel 2020-21


In Conclusion

If you’re thinking about producing animation videos, consider getting one with AustinVisuals.com . We’re here for you 24/7. We can answer your explainer video questions. Contact us anytime at +1-512-591-8024, email us [email protected] Or use this contact form here to request a quote.

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