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What is 3D Medical Animation?

By May 29, 2021 Blog
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An Overview

The world of medical science becomes increasingly multifaceted, making concepts and procedures more and more complex to understand. This is not a bad thing, though. In fact, medical advancements benefit the industry and the human race now more than ever. However, with so many procedural innovations, it becomes even more important for these revolutions to be understood by people, especially by new medical practitioners. It becomes increasingly necessary that these new concepts are conveyed clearly, so healthcare professionals clearly understand what they are, how they work, and how to execute them. A well-designed 3D animation can clearly demonstrate key procedures, medical devices and other technological advances. The visual representation that 3D medical animation studio can deliver the message in an easy-to-understand manner.    

Why you need 3D medical animation?

For non-medical professionals, medical jargon and procedures are difficult to understand.  Think of scientists’ discoveries that can help the human race. It is not easy to explain how these new medical inventions can benefit them without sounding too scientific. 

To bridge the gap, we use 3D medical animation. With the visual aid of video presentations, it is easier to explain diverse concepts, procedures, and so much more. Here are other reasons you need 3D medical animation in your institution:

  1. Simplification of Complex Information

As mentioned, 3D animation simplifies medical concepts and terms. Visual learning is the best form of learning and understanding new things. It may be about a new device prototype or a new service offered.

  1. Better Information for Patients

Often, doctors and healthcare professionals experience the challenge of explaining medical procedures to patients. It is because patients do not understand the concept and the intricacies of biological anatomy. By showing a surgical animation, patients get a better idea and a clearer picture of what to expect during a procedure. 


  1. Accessible Information Anytime, Anywhere

Imagine this: some of your patients are waiting in your clinic’s lounge. Wouldn’t it be informational if you provide them, for example, with a video animation of how SARS-CoV-2 affects the human body when infected? Even with just the 3D video playing on your clinic’s TV screen, you provide valuable information without a healthcare professional explaining it to them.   

So, how do you make it?

Animation has been around for many years, but the concept of making these animations look more realistic is still in its early stages. Medical 3D animation studios have made it possible for medical institutions to appear less intimidating to common people.

The production team of Austin Visuals medical animation services starts by understanding the concept you want to show in the animation. In this preliminary phase, several points are also considered, such as the branding, the objective of the video project, requirements, timeline, resources and the target audience. All of these things are kept in mind while creating the story of the video.

Once the story has been created and the client amendments are incorporated into the final story, the production team starts the story’s animation. This is where the medical research comes into the production stage. The facts we gathered are interlaced into the animation frame by frame. 

After the animation, the video will be edited for final touches, such as visual effects, voiceover, captions, music and sounds, etc. It will be finalized to perfection and ready for public viewing. 

3D medical animations are excellent tools for medical-related purposes. However, it pays to work with the best 3D medical animation studio. You’ll ensure that all content produced is scientifically accurate and engaging for your target audience.  

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