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Explainer Video Costs

By May 14, 2021 Blog

How much does an Explainer Video Cost?

Explainer video pricing vary depending on the amount of hours required to produce the video, and the amount as well as the kind of specialists required to make your video production happen. Visual Quality, Style, Length of Video, Turnaround Time, and the reputation of the producers are some of the factors that are considered when thinking about Explainer Video Cost Pricing. Some Video and Animation Production Companies charge as little as $350 per 60 second video while other video companies charge as much as $80,000 per minute. Some times a high-profile, highly visible video needs more polish and needs to look very refined and to get that extra level of detail it requires highly trained artists with 10+ years experience. Some commercials and complex videos require several highly trained artists which costs can add up. If the video is simple, and you have all your reference together so another artist can quickly understand what art needs to be produced, the cost can be fairly low.

Even if you are capable of creating the video yourself, you may find you could be lacking in your talents in any of these artists from scripting.

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