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Corporate Marketing Video Production in Austin Texas

By May 6, 2021 Blog
corporate video production austin
Looking for corporate marketing videos for your business? Austin Visuals Animation Studio offers top of the line marketing video production services in Austin, Texas with creative concepts. We have a whole team of 21 artists, script writers, and creative directors to serve your creative video project needs. Email us [email protected] and we’ll start working with you right away to answer any project questions you may have.
Corporate marketing austin

Marketing is Changing

Over the years, Marketing has changed. Marketing for your business now may include social media, video production, email and newsletter sending, possibly physical mailers, calling your past clients and so much more. In recent times attention spans have become much shorter, a recent study shows attention has dropped to just 8 seconds in recent times. The window to capture new customer’s attentions are brief. To stand out from your competitors you need to look different, and even entertain your customers a little in order to grab and keep their attention. This is why video production and animated videos are becoming essential to new product launches and corporate sales strategies.
In 2021 and beyond, the internet and the whole is now shifting focus on quality over quantity. The best way to increase your corporate sales is to have high quality, laser targeted content with create advertising messaging that’s well thought out. Some video marketing agencies have you create the script; however, there are some agencies that you can just tell them your general concept and they will write the script or what words will be spoken during your advertisement. Fortunately, Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio offers this script writing service to clients so that clients don’t need a background in advertising, or creative persuasive writing in order to put in an order to create a commercial.
Corporate video marketing agency austin

What are some current industry marketing trends?

At Austin Visuals from our perspective we are seeing large ad agencies that were previously firmly rooted in Los Angeles and New York City, start a small satellite office location in Austin, Texas. In the past 2 years this kind of thing has really grown. Some companies that were only testing the waters have now officially established offices. Covid-19 caused traditional in person marketing efforts to take a year or more long break. We have started to hear back from clients that were previously taking a break from their marketing efforts since the start of Covid.
We are seeing very sophisticated clients want to get the first mover’s advantage and start to create marketing material ahead of the future demand for marketing material and videos. A video can be produced in as little as 1 day, but a very good video that is unique and has laser focused messaging could take up to 6-8 weeks to produce a high quality production. This is why we recommend you get started in a conversation sooner than later. Just like building a great house, planning can make all the difference and so can a great looking video be created when time is taken to adequately plan all aspects of the video.


In this fast paced world, you need marketing and sales to keep business moving. You need to look your best and stand out. Your employees also need training content that’s engaging. Why not start planning out your 2021 next quarter marketing strategy and include some custom video or animation productions to help you drive sales to the next level? Contact Austin Visuals and let our years of experience work to your benefit. We will guide you towards creating a long lasting memorable video production. Email us [email protected] or call us 512-591-8024
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