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Best Animation Studios In Victoria,British Columbia Canada

By November 18, 2021 Blog
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If you are looking for a creative and fun place to work, you might want to visit the animation studios in Victoria. You can find an animation studio in Victoria by reading this review. Here, you’ll learn more about the different options available to you. This city is also home to many top-notch production companies. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it in Victoria.

Animation studios that are good will have a wide portfolio and high quality production. This will give you an idea of their range and how well they’re skilled. The best animation companies will also have original work and a good script. You can also see the success of the studio by looking at its portfolio. While some animation studios tend to specialize in one type of project, others are more likely to branch out and produce a wide variety of work.

Some of the best Vancouver animation studios specialize in different kinds of projects, such as 2D cartoons and whiteboard animation. If you’re looking for a video production company, it’s important to analyze the work that each of these companies has created. The best studios will also be affordable, so you’ll be able to afford to hire them. No matter what type of project you have, there is a studio that will meet your requirements in Victoria.

You should select the studios with the most talent and experience when choosing the best animation studios. These studios must be capable of creating high quality videos. Your brand should be represented in the animation style they choose. Your target audience should be able to understand it and it should be memorable. They should be compelled to view it again. It is important to find a company that provides excellent support and feedback.

Here Are The Best Animation Studios In Victoria Canada

  • Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio
  • Big Bad Boo Studio
  • Pan Production
  • WildBrain
  • Cine Site

#1. Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio

When you need explainer videos, you can’t go wrong with Austin Visuals. With experience in the medical and scientific fields, we’ve made some of the best explainer videos available. We have also created detailed training and marketing videos for energy companies. We offer free consultations. Visit our website to learn more about our services. Download our portfolio to get a quote.

Austin Visuals has been around for more than a decade. Our clients include NASA and Landmark Films as well as a variety of large companies. We also produce web commercials and television commercials. Our work is diverse. From corporate commercials to ad campaigns, Austin Visuals produces everything from product trailers to corporate presentations. There’s a lot more to 3D animation than just making characters move.

Apart from offering animation services, Austin Visuals also offers other types of services. We offer architectural still renderings, explainer video, and VR presentations. For example, we have worked with Spiderwood Studios and the University of Texas. In addition, they also create animations for children. Austin Visuals is a website design company that can help you create a quality website for your business. We are highly skilled and can help with your website design.

Our Services

  • 3D Animation Techniques and Techniques
  • Medical 3D animation
  • Also, TV Advertising for Television and Web
  • Explanatory video
  • Virtual Reality VR / AR / 360
  • Mobile application development
  • Motion graphics
  • Live video
  • Visual Effects (VFX)
  • Cartoon Characters Cartoon

#2.Big Bad Boo

Big Bad Boo Productions is a premier animation company with offices in New York, Los Angeles,Vancouver and Victoria. Their state of the art 2D animation facility, Big Bad Boo Studios is located in Vancouver’s hip and beautiful Yaletown district and is the largest Toon Boom studio in Western Canada.

Big Bad Boo Studios is the production arm of the company and provides a full range of animation production services for both Big Bad Boo properties and as a co-producer for partners around the world.

The creative team at Big Bad Boo is entrepreneurial, energetic and very accomplished in business and the creative world. Their team of producers, writers and directors have worked on some of the most coveted properties in the animation world, including Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Bat Man, Being Ian, Yvonne of the Yukon and a host of others.

As a Canadian producer of animation, Big Bad Boo is not only very good at creating products, but it also offers the ability to leverage Canadian and provincial government tax credits, enabling it to co-finance productions at competitive rates.

#3. Pan Production

At Pan Productions they take ideas and transform them into amazing videos.

From corporate productions to award-winning television they have the equipment and expertise to do it all. Writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing, graphic design, animation, closed captioning, and more.

For over 25 years they’ve been working with companies large and small, governments, and charities, all over the world to create high-quality, award-winning videos.

they strive to exceed our client’s expectations on price, quality, and service, every time.

#4. WildBrain

At WildBrain they inspire imaginations to run wild, engaging kids and families everywhere with great content across all media. With approximately 13,000 half-hours of filmed entertainment in their library – one of the world’s most extensive – they are home to such brands as Peanuts, Teletubbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Caillou, Inspector Gadget, Johnny Test and Degrassi. At their 75,000-square-foot state-of-the-art animation studio in Vancouver, BC, they produce such fan-favourite series as The Snoopy Show, Snoopy in Space, Chip & Potato, Carmen Sandiego, Go, Dog. Go! and more.

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Best Animation Studios In Victoria Canada

#5. Cine Site

Superheroes, fantastic beasts, dinosaurs of the 21st century, and galaxies undiscovered. Cinesite is an award-winning digital entertainment studio with 30 years of experience and work on hundreds of film, TV and streaming productions. Their visual effects and animation teams breathe life into filmmakers’ visions. Alongside our skilled artists and engineers, they work closely with filmmakers and studios to achieve the impossible, whether through complex visual effects or conceiving and realizing entire animated films. They tinker, mold, and craft to blow things out of the water – sometimes literally.

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