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Character Animation Commercials

Clip art - Character

The Making of a Character Animation Whiteboard Commercial – Austin Visuals Animation Studio




At Austin Visuals Animation, we take pride in the high-quality animation we make. Creating interesting looking engaging animation is both an art and a science.The art that you see was hand crafted by our artists that each have over 10 years animation experience. It can take many steps to create an animated commercial like you see on TV. Here is the beginning stages of a commercial project we are taking on. Enjoy samples of our work in progress below.

Each of our Austin Visuals Animators must go through the painstaking process of creating sample test animations through sketching out character movements, then bringing that character to life through animation. Through a series of tests, we find out how best to show off the movements of a character so that we can make sure the best poses are shown of through the final commercial. Enjoy some of our behind the scenes footage of our work in progress at our animation studio.


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Enjoy below more of our art work in progress we’ve created for this commercial so far. Consider this a behind the scenes peek over how animation is created at Austin Visuals Animation Studio.





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