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Getting The Best Animation For Sales And Marketing

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How To Get The Most Return On Your Video Marketing Investment

Almost nowhere else in the business of visualizing products, conveying emotions, showcasing new ideas and developments, and introducing innovation is the range of quality so critical to success as it is in animation.

All animation is not created equal, and getting the best animation to do the job you intend it to do takes a basic understanding of the industry.  Getting the best animation for the lowest price or the greatest value requires that you understand which animation level will give you the greatest return on your investment.

Industry Understanding:  The best animation starts with words.

That can sound counterintuitive until you realize that all visual stories begin with words, whether it is a custom explainer video, a new product introduction, development of a character to represent your brand or idea, or the development of a memorable story.

Austin Visuals takes the time to craft your story with you ensuring that it covers all aspects of your marketing and sales goals. The script is first whether or not a narrator will recite the words along with the visuals we develop.  For example, even though this product introduction has no narration, we first wrote the “script” describing what the product was, who it was intended for, and how it would work before we began animating it.

Industry Understanding: The script ultimately affects the price of animation.

If you have a small budget, we’ll help you write a script that tells your story simply and clearly.  If you have a bit more to invest, we can assist you in being more comprehensive and include more scenes, action, special effects, custom music and professional narration and more.

Understanding Animation Levels

We helped a solo entrepreneur visualize her innovative aerial theme park ride based on her sketches and our story for just under $2,000.  The phone case 3D animation was taken from rough client drawings and cost $4,500 to produce.

Understanding Animation Levels: Choose any type of animation or special visual effects.

The type of animation you ultimately choose will determine the price, and the 22 artists, writers, producers and directors at Austin Visuals will work with you to get you the best value.

Our artists are among the best, and our charges among the lowest of any professional studio making the value of our service and productions sure to bring you a great return on your animation investment, because we keep our overhead at a minimum.

Austin Visuals costs range from $1,500 per minute to $13,750 per minute and more, depending on the realism, background environments, and complexity of action and whether the animation is done in 3D or 2D.

Our specialty is adding magic to videos, television commercials, and helping people see things that don’t really exist, giving you the best animation value at the most reasonable price. clients-2016We’re very good at explaining new products, helping people describe and visualize their dreams, and in moving old fashioned employee training into easily understood and attention-grabbing 3D and 2D formats.


Next time you’re wondering if something can be done on time, on budget, with great quality – just remember, Austin Visuals can do that.  Tell us your story, we’ll show it to the world.

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