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Tips For Finding The Best Animation Studios In Edmonton Canada ?

By November 8, 2021 Blog
2D Animation Picture

Tips For Finding The Best Animation Studios In Edmonton Canada ?

This question is not easy to answer. First, let’s define the animation. Animation or 3D animation is the process of creating movies and short video clips with the use of 3D animation and computer-generated graphics. Before, the animation was used mainly for children’s entertainment. However, as its popularity has grown, it is now being used for different purposes including advertising, corporate identity building, and web development and marketing.

Animation can be used for many purposes today. Corporate identity development has been one of the most important uses. Businesses can create animated videos that will convince potential customers to buy their products or services. When using animation, companies can create a commercial that is more interesting than your average television commercial. This means that you can get the best animation studios in Edmonton to work with.

What to expect?

You will be amazed at the variety of animation options available to you. If you want to work with the best animation studios in Edmonton, here are a few tips to help you. You must first ensure that the company you are hiring specializes in 3D animation. Also, make sure to look at their portfolio to get an idea of the type of animation they are capable of creating. If you plan on hiring a company not specializing in 3D animation, ask about their rates per project.

You should also remember to select an experienced studio. This will ensure that you get quality work done on each project. If a company has been involved in many successful projects, you will be able to save money. It is very competitive in the animation industry so you have to be careful when looking for the best studios in Edmonton. This is a competitive industry and there are some really great animation studios out there that are waiting to hire you. You just need to do a little research to find them.

3D cartoon character design

3D Cartoon Character Design

The 5 Best Animation Studios In Edmonton Canada

Top 1.Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio

Visual company that offers all aspects of visual communication and Internet marketing, from small-budget independent films to large-scale corporate training. Austin Visuals, a full-service visual art firm, offers custom-designed, affordable, and full service video solutions, multimedia and multi-media services, animation, graphics, video production, sound editing and creative web development by individuals from all fields. In short, they help people get the “look” that they want, whether it be for a corporate video or an individual one-person project.

Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio offers a number of services that can fit your budget and timeline. Pre-production concept and optimization can be combined with 3D animation planning and production design. Post-production design and implementation of animations, theatrical production designs and animation implementation are all possible. Special effects, character design, motion graphics, visual consulting and matte painting, VFX and green screen keying, film integration, and other services are also available. With a comprehensive service offer like this, you can reduce time, increase profits and lower costs with Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio.

Austin Visuals can also provide a full-service web developer team, graphic designers and animators to meet all your requirements throughout the life cycle of your project. From concept to filming, from pre-production to marketing to distribution, from conception to promotion to finance, Austin Visuals can help you every step of the way. Stop wasting time and start making a difference with a professional low-budget, full-service digital agency. Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio specializes in the application of motion graphics technology to create creative visual communication. For larger companies and creative teams, we offer technology consultants to help determine your next move.

Our Services

  • 3D Animation Techniques and Techniques
  • Medical 3D animation
  • TV Advertising for Television and Web
  • Explanatory video
  • Virtual Reality VR / AR / 360
  • Mobile application development
  • Motion graphics
  • Live video
  • Visual Effects (VFX)
  • Cartoon Characters Cartoon

Austin Visuals has offices serving clients in Edmonton and around the world, and we are proud to be chosen by our clients in Canada and the US as the best animation studio to work with.

Top 2.Pulp Studios

Like a giant robot formed from their individual strengths, Pulp Studios Inc. is a multiple award winning boutique studio specializing in illustration, animation, motion graphics and design.

They specialize in storytelling through 2D animated content for a wide variety of applications: eLearning, editorial content, entertainment, books, graphic novels, promotional items and training resources. Since march of 2010, Pulp Studios Inc. has created high end interactive and engaging products in partnership with local developers for such clients as Microsoft, Bioware, APEGA, The Government of Alberta and Sencha.


3D Animation Studios in Edmonton

Best 3D Animation Studios in Edmonton Canada

Top 3.Plastic Thought Studios

Plastic Thought is a small and virtual graphics studio located in Edmonton Alberta Canada creating visual effects, motion graphics, 3D images, animation, and compositing world wide.

At Plastic Thought Studios, they love a challenge, they love to create and to create simply. Whether it’s developing motion graphics for any requirement, visual effects, 3D effects, 3D models, animation or computer graphics of any kind for any medium. they bring their love for what they do to every project.


Technical Animation

Choosing to promote your brand through 3D animation will help your company increase sales

Top 4. Savian

They are an award-winning studio that is constantly growing, changing and improving to ensure they are always on top of the latest trends. they help organizations achieve pristine results through creative storytelling. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, and internationally. This company specializes in web design and development, 2d animation, branding, SEO and digital strategy. they value strong communication ethics, client education, and unique creative practices.

They are purpose-driven creators who seek inspiration, imagination and uniqueness in everything they do. They work with organizations and businesses to help define their digital presence through strategic planning, branding & design, animation, web, and social development.

Top 5.Otaga Computing

Launched in 1997 and focusing on making information understandable and accessible, they are a boutique animation studio working with corporate clients to show their future – visualizing the management of change, internal team training, external client explainers – and with museums to bring the past alive. They create standard animation, virtual and augmented reality, and interactive online apps as the material requires.

Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio Is the best choice

Why should you choose Austin Visuals 3D Animation Studio ?

  1. Since 2007, Creating Videos
    That Sell Your Products.
  2. Produced 1000’s of Videos
    for Businesses Worldwide
  3. High Value, Low Prices,
    Best Quality Animation
  4. Animation company has many
    Experienced Artist
  5. 5-star Customer Reviews,
    Award-Winning Videos

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