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VR Fix Challenges of Medical Device Sales Agents?

By September 22, 2021July 30th, 2022Austin Visuals Blog
vr medical device of tow nurses looking at a virtual screen looking at a patient bone condition

When it comes to giving demos of new devices to surgeons, various challenges are experienced by Medical device sales representatives. Many of these have complicated working processes. Unless these are properly visualized or understood by surgeons, they will not opt for the devices. A vr medical device sales representative is successful when he knows how the device can be used well, and can explain the usability and benefits of the apparatus well to surgeons, also offering proper after-sales support. Simulation-based VR training can help them do that easily.

Aids in visualizing 

With VR, Sales reps can let surgeons visualize the operations and advantages of a medical device more easily. Even sales reps themselves can get a practical idea about the product, which can help them even during personal demonstrations. As the modern VR technology is portable, it turns out to be a very practical solution for Sales reps. They can travel with VR demos while meeting with surgeons in varied locations. These can be set up in just a matter of a few minutes.

Aiding in surgical education

At times, sales reps can find it difficult to explain the benefits of specific medical devices in operations unless they have proper knowledge of the operative processes themselves. VR Simulations can help them as a teacher. They can make it easier for them to find out how things work in the surgical rooms. Based on this education, they can demonstrate the usefulness of the same devices and show how these can be assistive for surgeons while carrying out operations.

With virtual reality training, it can be easier for surgeons to finish all their steps in a more proper way. At times, even during live operations, simulations can be used.

Faster sales 

With VR Technology, Sales representatives need less time for the demonstrations. It is possible for them to offer demonstrations almost anywhere, at far less time than what it would have taken them if they offer a live demo and explain all the features and functionalities of devices manually. Just one demo can take around an hour or even more. With animated VR videos, the time can be reduced.

They can perform more number of demos in a single day, and that means faster sales and better career growth for them. This is the end goal of any sales representative, and Simulation-based VR training can be truly assistive for them in overcoming various problems in medical device sales. 


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